Chapter 140
“Heh heh heh, you girls are all the same, always saying ‘no’ when what you want to say is ‘yes’!” The fat man laughed at her actions. “Sienna you b*tch!” Yosef cried angrily. “Let’s go, beautiful!” The fat one ignored the man on the floor and continued. “B*tch! You two have no shame! I won’t forget this!” Yosef cried, absolutely livid. He finally realized that Sienna had been using him all along. She was a woman with personal plans, not the innocent girl she portrayed herself to be. She viewed men as tools to be used.

“Hahaha, no matter how defiant you are, it’s useless! You’re useless!” the fat man laughed. He had not noticed how close Yosef had approached them. “Die *ssholes!” He was but 30 or so feet away when he made his move, brandishing something from his sleeve. “No!” The two of them cried out, as Yosef pulled out hundreds of silver needles, each tipped with poison, launching them at his aggressors.

“Die!” the fat man yelled, he channeled all his energy and blasted it forth, shattering Yosef’s bones. However, he and his new found partner, Sienna, was not so lucky, as she took the full brunt of his poison needles, instantly succumbing to the pain. Seeing the two of them succumb to such a fate, Yosef held his head high. “Betray me? As if!” he laughed, before he himself died. It ended just as quickly as soon as it started.

Zephyr watched the whole thing unfold, observing each of them, remarking how all bets were off in this Tournament. Anyone who got too careless would no doubt suffer a terrible fate. Zephyr dropped to the jungle floor, approaching them. He quickly looted them, before making his move. Sadly, the three of them did not have many points.

Zephyr’s movements were swift, like a swallow’s, he darted in and out of the jungle, not long after, he managed to cover about ten miles. He broke through the foliage, and found himself in a barren, open field. Suddenly, he heard the battle cry of a fighter not far from him. As he turned to look, he could see the shimmering flashes of swords and blades, coming into contact with a great beast. A group had just taken down an Emerald Serpent, the ground shook as its body fell. Although it was a weaker monster, if one did not know its weak point, it would no doubt give them trouble.

“Finally! This f*cker was as hard as nails!” a young man said excitedly.

“Indeed, Bruno’s swordskill is magnificent!”

“Yes yes! If it weren’t for Bruno’s amazing swordskill, we definitely wouldn't have beaten this beast!”

The group of hecklers started to commend a young man amongst them, their words carried respect and jealousy. Their target was but eighteen or so in age, with a sword in hand. He held his head high, basking in their glory.

“A strength of level nine!” Zephyr remarked, as he took note of his Strength level.