Chapter 143
“No!” Bruno cried. The attack was too quick, too sudden. He could not react at all, and before he knew it, he felt his life drain from him. Before the life fully seeped out of him, he noticed Zephyr who stood before him, chuckling to himself. “’re still...alive?!” he gasped, wondering how Zephyr had not fallen for his trap, how had he not been slain by him. “Dumb*ss!” Zephyr huffed, before he picked up the scoreboards on him.

He knew Bruno would sooner or later betray his team. It was the most logical outcome, not only would he benefit from everyone’s scores, he would not have to ‘repay the favor’. It just so happened that he unluckily encountered someone like Zephyr, one who could never be so easily swayed. However, what Zephyr did not expect was the amount of points Bruno had accumulated. The Tournament had just started, and he already had over 600 points! The others only had about 700 or so altogether! ‘It would seem that this b*stard’s done this before!’ Zephyr thought.

Zephyr then made his way into the cave, and followed the alluring scent of the fruits. Before long, he came upon the trees that bore the bright reddish pink fruits, vapors gathered around them, signifying their heat. Each fire fruit looked like a sun on its own, glaring in its own light. A wonderful, magical bounty.

Zephyr waited about an hour for the fruits to ripen, before he sent forth his energy to pick and gather the now potent fruits. Right after, the tree which they grew on immediately wilted into a black, ashen pile. ‘There’s seven of these, nice!’ Zephyr thought as he kept them safely, before exiting the cave.

Zephyr had not left the cave for long before a sudden gust of energy came his way from afar. It was an intense force, although it originated ten miles away, Zephyr could still feel its ferocity. There must be a strong fighter nearby. ‘Wait, such a blast can only come from a team of fighters, there must be more than one! Is it a group of skilled fighters? The energy from this blast, it’s too intense!’ Zephyr thought, and he quickly ignited his Lightfoot, speeding off towards the point of origin.

“Fire palm!”

Zephyr had sped over in just a few minutes to be greeted by this war cry. He saw a great burst of flame in the form of a palm coming down from above upon something, immediately vaporizing it. Shortly later, the smell of burnt flesh wafted over.

‘What power. This fighter’s trouble!’ Zephyr thought, witnessing the aftermath. About 60 feet of grass and trees around were now set ablaze in a righteous fury.