Chapter 145
“We’re here!” The eight of them arrived swiftly, their travel time amounting to little more than twenty minutes. They arrived at a great, tall, mountain. The birds chirped incessantly around. From the top, came a large gust of powerful energy, signifying a great beast that was lurking above.

“A tier-three beast would be on par with an Agile of level three, in fact, they might even be stronger!”

“Their flight has the power to blow others away. Even a flap of its wings would be enough to give an Agile of level three some trouble! I doubt even a level four Agile could take one on without difficulty!”

“Stand strong, men!” The tiger-dressed man commanded.

“Understood! Everyone around has already been slain by us. We shouldn’t have a problem using this…” the one with the fire palm nodded, then, he took out a pinkish gem.

“A sleeper gem?” asked the tiger-dressed man, understanding of this object’s history. Even Zephyr’s expression changed from the sight of it.

Sleeper gems were a rare commodity, often needing an entire city’s worth to purchase it. Once activated, it would emit a mystical aura, rendering those affected into a deep sleep. The targets would sleep no more than ten minutes, but within this time frame, anything could happen. However, the gem could only be used once, after that, it would be destroyed. Many would never waste such a prized possession.

“Yep! It’s a sleeper gem alright. So what? For the prince to become an initiate, using this thing right now would be worth it!” the man said excitedly.

“Indeed, what’s a measly stone compared to the prince’s favor? I’m sure he’d never forget your sacrifice!”

“Let us begin!” the tiger-dressed man commanded, channeling his energy into the gem. As his energy passed through the gem, it took on a pinkish hue. Suddenly, a small blast of pink energy surrounded them.

At this moment, a loud caw was heard, it was ear-piercing and commanding. A large shadow flew overhead these people, and it covered the sun. The sleeper gem took its effect immediately, floating up towards the great bird, and quickly entered its body.

“That’s the Garuda?” Zephyr gasped, as he saw the sight of the great beast. Each of its feathers was like a small knife, glimmering in the sunlight. The Garuda itself was aware of the gem’s effects, quickly flapping its great wings to disperse the pink energies, preparing to fly away. It did not fly far though, as its body froze halfway through the air, crashing down into the ground below.

“It’s down, it’s down!”

“Fire palm, now!”

Seeing the great Garuda crash onto the ground, everyone quickly made their move.

“Tiger crush!” the tiger-dressed man yelled, his fists suddenly showed the strength and roars of a tiger that rushed over to kill the beast.

“Frozen hurricane!”

“Mighty hammer!”

The team sprang into action, each of them sent forth their attacks to slay the beast. With the beast fast asleep, it could never defend itself against such a great onslaught. The Garuda’s body spewed massive amounts of blood under such aggression. However, the beast was a tier-three monster after all, it would not go under so quickly. The Garuda moved its great wings, sending out its knife-like feathers, and prepared to defend itself.

“A tier-three beast…” Zephyr gasped. He knew he would not be able to take on something like the Garuda. Were he even to use his all, the most he would get is but a chance to escape.

A scream came from one of them as he was cut in two by the Garuda’s sharp wings, splattering his blood about. “Stay calm! In a while, this bird is sure to be ours!” the tiger-dressed man shouted. Hearing this, Zephyr quickly summoned his energy. “It’s going down! Now!” yelled the tiger-dressed man, watching the Garuda grow weaker and weaker.


Suddenly, a great flash sped past all of them like lightning, and it beat them by a few steps. A flash of a sword was all they saw before the Garuda’s head was lopped off. “No!!” the tiger-dressed man yelled. “How dare you steal our kill!”

For one to do something like that would be to insult them, to oppose the prince! Who would do such a thing?