Chapter 149
“Sixth Slash!”

A thunderous roar followed suit, empowering the swords in the air. The remaining four were quickly covered, and in an instant, blood splattered everywhere. Zephyr approached the carnage slowly. As they slowly lost their consciousness, the last image they saw was Zephyr that stared coldly toward them. As Zephyr walked past them, blood continuously flowed from their injured bodies.

“You… you’re Zephyr Khan! I know you… you’re Samson Leed’s… he’ll kill you! He’s looking for you!” struggled one of the men, blood poured out of his arm while he spoke. He was able to dodge Zephyr’s attack, to a certain extent. He had lost an arm, but it was at the cost of him keeping his life. Before Zephyr could say anything, the injured man immediately started running.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Zephyr yelled as he sent forth his Sixth Slash. In an instant, the visage of a sword dashed across the ground, finding its way to its target. The man screamed, “Bloodlet!” Feeling Zephyr’s attack close in, the man got more anxious by the second. He knew he could not escape his fate. He gritted his teeth, quickly cursing, “Zephyr! I’ll tell Samson everything, everything I tell you! He’ll kill you! He’ll kill you good!”

As he cursed, his body suddenly exploded into a fine red mist, covering the ground around. Zephyr’s blade lingered in the crimson fog, the ground beneath him cracked and shook. Before he could do anything, the bloody mist disappeared. “Hmph,” Zephyr huffed. ‘He escaped didn’t he? What did he use, ‘Bloodlet’? It must be some type of escape technique that damages the user…’ he thought. “Who knew he’d have a connection to that Leed… It would seem many have taken to teaming up in this Tournament. Suppose there’s greater strength in numbers,” Zephyr frowned.

It was a vicious battle. Not only would he have to contend with the nine royal squads, he would also have to avoid getting killed by Samson’s team. It would not be easy getting a partner either, after all, Starlight was but a small town. No one would bat him an eye. “They’re all working together… I’ll have to fight harder!” Zephyr said. He then thought, ‘I must slay more beasts, it’s the only way to catch up now!’

“But I have my limits… and Samson’s men are definitely on my trail now!” Zephyr sighed, “He’s not an Agile yet, but he’s getting close, I must be careful!” Zephyr stood there, pondering his next move.

“Master Samson, this is where he is! Please, you must kill him, avenge me! I sacrificed half my body’s blood just to give you this news!”

Suddenly, a great wave of energy wafted over. There was not just one, but there were many other people.

‘They’re here? Already?!’ Zephyr thought, as he quickly hid away, not forgetting to pick up the Meteoric Bow.

As the wind rustled, a man appeared, full of energy and pride. It was Samson Leed.