Chapter 152
Zephyr was visibly dumbfounded. His gaze never left the man. He looked to be in his twenties, yet Zephyr had never seen this man. “Who are you?” Samson asked warily, aware of his power. “Who I am is irrelevant. I do not wish to parlay either. I’m just here for information,” the man replied with a strange smile. “What information?” Samson said as he shook slightly at the man’s strange smile. “Zephyr Khan. From Starlight. Have you met him before?” the man asked, coldly. Samson felt his blood slowly turn to ice.

‘He’s looking for me?’ Zephyr thought to himself, he had not expected the strange man to be looking for him. However, what was more perplexing was that he could not figure out who this man was. “Zephyr? Why are you looking for him? What’s him to you?” Samson replied, growing ever so alarmed and suspicious. “Nothing much. He has something I want,” the man smiled, his smile sent shivers down the other spines. “What is it?” the Agile beside Samson asked.

“His life!” the man said with a smile, this time his tone was much more terrible than before. “What?” Zephyr frowned. He wondered where he had acquired such a strong foe. “Hahaha, welcome friend, welcome! I’m looking for Zephyr too, and I might say I want him dead as much as you do! Although, I did lose track of him fairly recently though, the c*nt’s fast!” Samson laughed, relieved that he was a fellow Khan hunter. “Huh… you’re not too shabby, kid. Too bad you won’t get to be the winner of this Tournament!” the man smiled again, then he suddenly vanished into thin air. He appeared once more 300 or so feet away, before finally disappearing again.

“Who was that guy? I couldn’t think at all under his stare!”

“Indeed. It felt like he could kill us with a glare, ain’t it?”

The group discussed in hushed tones.

“Shut up you cowards! We have a job to do!” Samson ordered. He too was affected, though he would not admit it. ‘An Agile of level three… how am I supposed to beat that? No wonder he said I wouldn’t win. He’s already so powerful, why bother with the Inter-city Tournament in the first place?’ Samson thought as he tried to recover from the shock.

Compared to Samson, Zephyr had remained calm. He had met many powerful people in his previous life. Those that were better than Agiles were nothing to him either. Zephyr was shocked, but no more than that. The man knew Zephyr, but Zephyr himself did not know who he was. So why else would the strange man hunt him down?

‘I need that chrono grass.’ Zephyr thought to himself as he decided there and then.