Chapter 153
Zephyr made his choice, and proceeded to follow Samson and his group some more, while doing so quietly. After passing through the mountain, they arrived at where the chrono grass was. The area was barren, yet an overbearing stench of bloodiness was in the air. A history of violence, bloodshed, and unspeakable horrors could be felt as they arrived.

“The chrono grass… soon it all will be mine,” Samson said. “I sense a great beast lurking nearby. We must be careful, I fear it would not let us leave with the grass so easily,” the Agile warily spoke. Zephyr remained hidden while he scanned the area. He had to get the herb, not only to spite Samson, but also because he needed it. Although the mountain was small, it had an atmospheric danger that could be felt by all. Zephyr knew that the beast that lurked here was definitely stronger than the Garuda.

“Run for your lives!” a voice suddenly cried out. Before long, four men could be seen running towards Samson and his group. They were all strong fighters in their own right, each a Strength of level nine. Based on their ages alone, it was obvious they themselves were prodigies. However, these prodigies currently carried expressions of fear and anxiety!

A loud roar suddenly burst forth. Behind the group was another fighter who lagged behind. Following the roar, a claw the size of a pillar came forth, and grabbed at him. Instantly, he was rendered into nothing but a fleshy mulch, crushed within the beast’s grasp. The crackling of trees could be heard as the ground shook. The monster approached, whilst coming forth, it casted a dark shadow over the group. With a great roar, it charged towards the other fighters.

The beast was about 30 feet long, and 150 feet tall. Its four limbs were strong and sturdy, its tail was like a great serpent, and from its back showed many, many spikes. It looked to be like a great crocodile. Despite its size, it was fast, extremely fast.

“What’s wrong with this beast?!” Samson’s men cried out, shaking at the knees. “It’s… it’s a tier three beast! A Mountain Crocodile!” An Agility fighter cried out with a look of worry plastered on his face. “Mountain Crocodiles are ferocious beasts! Even Agiles will have trouble with it! It’s big, it’s fast, it’s strong!”

With a great roar, the four escaping fighters were killed in one vicious swipe. It then turned its gaze to Samson and his team. “We’re in trouble now!” Samson thought out loud. “Are you ready?” the Agile asked, after hearing the worry in his master’s voice, he wanted to be assured of the following choices. “I guess the royals will have to wait! We’ll use it now!” Samson spoke calmly, not wanting to further show any weaknesses.