Chapter 154
Zephyr remained hidden throughout the massacre as he observed the next steps of Samson’s team. He wondered what trump card they currently had under their sleeves, one which was strong enough to kill a three-tiered beast. “Give me your energy!” Samson cried out, his body shivered as he sent out a call for energy, the blast of which was capable of moving mountains. A great shadow was casted over him, and slowly emanated from his body. “To me, my Prideful Soul!” Samson cried out, his muscles contorted after he spoke.

Samson’s men quickly channeled their energies, and began to transfer them into Samson. ‘Prideful Soul? That must be a boon passed down from a Leed guardian to protect the Leed clan! Once activated, Samson’s power would no doubt explode in a violent fashion!’ Zephyr thought. “So that’s his secret!” He thanked himself for not attacking earlier.

Any fighter would excel if given enough energy. Although the boon passed down from the Leed guardian was not too powerful, for the guardian to even have the ability to pass their energies down would mean that they were once a great fighter back in their time.

With a big sigh, Samson completed his technique. The visage of a middle-aged man slowly appeared before everyone. He wore a long coat, and wore his hands behind his back. He was eerily calm, and stared coldly at the Mountain Crocodile. The man moved his palms, flapped his coat, and sent forth a great barrage of energy. The ground cracked as the wave passed through, kicking up dust and soot along the way. The Crocodile let out a terrible roar as it was pushed back.

After it regained itself, the Crocodile let out a great roar, clearly insulted by his attack. It turned its back towards them, and channeled its energy into its spikes. The Crocodile shook violently as each of them shot out one-by-one like needles. “Stop,” Samson commanded as he moved his hands around, which were synchronized by the ghostly visage. Although it was a specter, its strength rivaled that of an Agile three, maybe even stronger.

Their attacks met, yet the Crocodile could not withstand Samson’s counterattack. “I am the master of Pride! Away with you!!” Samson roared as he channeled more of his energy, ready to face the next attack. The Crocodile shot its spikes once more, only to be met by Samson’s Prideful defense.

‘Now’s my chance!’ Zephyr thought, and he charged past them. “What? Zephyr?!” Samson cried, shocked to encounter him in a situation like this. After all, he had been looking for him the entire time. He was surprised that no one had caught onto him as he trailed them. “Don’t you dare!” Samson yelled, knowing of Zephyr’s intent. He knew Zephyr was trying to get a snag of the grass too, relishing in the opportunity given to the running boy while he was busy dealing with the Crocodile. ‘Damn it!’ Samson thought as he hastened his movements. To him, the points earned from felling such a beast was nothing compared to the chrono grass. “Thanks, mate!” Zephyr called out with a smile, then he quickly disappeared into the horizon. “Zephyr!! You’ll pay for this!!” Samson cried out, his voice boomed as loud as thunder.

‘I must find the grass, fast!’ Zephyr thought as he violently channeled his energy whilst scanning for any traces of its energy. A low hum was heard. Finally, after about a few minutes of a hasty search, Zephyr felt the grass’ energy. He had never felt such a natural, yet calming effect before. ‘That must be it!’ Zephyr thought.

He followed the energy’s trail to a cave, one that had a height of 30 feet. Within it were the remains of many, many creatures. Both human and beast. He reckoned it was the Crocodile’s lair. Perhaps the beast had made this place its nest after discovering the grass. It was not long before Zephyr found the grass. There were about ten or so herbs, each that glittered in the pale sunlight.