Chapter 156
A loud boom ensued as their swords clashed, kicking up dust all around. Zephyr grimaced, his Sixth Slash had been immediately destroyed. “Draconic Might!” Zephyr blurted as he recited the Way, moving the scales on his body. His power exploded thereafter. “Seventh Slash!”” Zephyr cried, and activated the strongest of his sword techniques. His current secret trump card. He had never expected he would ever use it like this.

Flashes of swords came and went, filling the air with a glimmering epoch. The swords created an afterimage in the shape of a dragon, its ferocity boosted his attack further. Zephyr sent forth his blanketed attack towards the Sun guardian. Zephyr had pushed his Might to its limit, this was his all-out attack, it was truly a frightening display. His clothes ripped and tore, blown back by the immense power that was willed into his attack.

“What?” the guardian gasped. He had seen many things in his day, though he had never expected Zephyr to display such ferocity. “Devil’s Prophecy!” the guardian called, he further gripped on to his sword tightly. A whirlwind of swords surrounded the man, followed closely by a gelatinous shadow. It covered him whole, this left only his glowing red eyes to peer out from the darkness.

With this technique activated, the guardian’s strength had been bolstered manifold. “A measly Strength of level eight forced my hand to this degree? You should be proud, son! However, you’re destined to die here, in this Land of Despair!” the man said. “Had I not intervened, no doubt you’d have entered the Academy!” he continued, and raised his fists to strike down on Zephyr.

“Even if you do kill me, you’d never escape the Academy! They’ll investigate for sure, and once they find you, they’ll end you!” Zephyr screamed, yet he felt no fear. He knew the guardian had no right to be at the Tournament. The Tournament was meant for each city’s representative, Zephyr thought, yet how did he get in here? Was the organizer from the Academy an idiot?

‘Unless!’ Zephyr thought, the realization dawned on him. Another fighter had smuggled him in. No, another city. One with big plans. Realizing this, Zephyr hesitated no more. He channeled his energy into one last push. A roar came from the young Khan, as he unleashed his killing move.

A combination of seven swords! Seven dragons that got merged into one!

A golden dragon suddenly appeared, and turned into an unbeatable burst of bladed energy just as quickly as it launched itself at the Devilish figure. The Devil itself sent forth a palm to intercept the attack. An attack made up of similar sword skill! Their attacks clashed, and this enveloped a mile’s worth of land. The sky churned, the ground trembled, and the wind ferociously blew! Dust, rocks, grass, dirt — everything had been kicked up into the sky.

Zephyr spat out a mouthful of blood, he could barely keep his powerful Might in check. The Way of the Dragon was powerful, it was almost unbeatable, but so was the Seven Slashes. Were it any other fighter, they would no doubt be crushed under the combined might of the two. Fortunately, Zephyr stayed his course, and resisted until he could resist no more. His body gave in, and he was soon sent flying. The Devilish shadow disappeared as well.

Zephyr stabbed his sword into the ground, catching himself before using it as support. He struggled to even stand up, his body shook all the way. He had been gravely injured. “You’re still alive! That’s something,” the guardian said, still gripping on to his sword tightly. He stared at Zephyr in disbelief, in awe that Zephyr survived his attack. The shock did not last long, however.

“Guess I’ll have to kill you now. Can’t have someone like you running around!” the man said.

“Did a Strength of level eight really give you this much trouble?” a voice came. Suddenly, a group of people had appeared before Zephyr with a boom. Their leader was young, and was dressed in a fine, golden robe. He carried himself like no other, this signified his superiority. His expression was calm, with thoughts of nothing of those around him. Energy surged within him continuously. He was an Agile of level two. Behind him stood seven strong fighters as well, among them two were Agiles of level one.

“The Ninth prince!” the guardian said, his expression changed quickly, from shock to respect. ‘The Ninth prince?’ Zephyr thought, just as shocked from the revelation. He had not expected to meet him like this.

The prince was leveled to be an Agile of two. Though Zephyr could tell how he got to be. ‘He’s not that strong… it was all from pills and training…’ he said to himself.