Chapter 157
Zephyr shook his head as he felt the prince’s signature energy. It felt hollow. “Hmph! How useless are you? Why did it take so long for you to finish this heap of trash? You’ve wasted so much time that even I needed to step in! Do you know how much it cost me to bring you in here?!” the Ninth prince scolded. “Yes, your highness. Please forgive me for wasting your time. Worry not, I will be done with him quickly!” the Sun guardian replied hastily. ‘So it’s true, the Ninth prince did smuggle him in!’ Zephyr thought while he showed a grimace on his face.

Zephyr prodded his scales, slowly channeling their energies again. He had to tread lightly, it was now or never. “Who knew that this runt would escape the many great fighters I’ve brought in!” the Ninth prince glared at Zephyr. “Indeed, we’ve severely underestimated this b*stard. He’s stronger than he looks, if we let him fester his powers more, he will no doubt be a thorn in your highness’ side!” the guardian continued quickly. Were the prince to be aware of Zephyr’s prowess, he would no doubt be more alert.

“One royal prince, and one strong fighter from a backwater town, coming together. It’s obvious that you guys are conspiring something bad! Were the Academy to know of this, you’d no doubt be punished!” Zephyr said, unflinching at the odds. “What? And who are you to tell me sh*t? I’m the f*cking prince!” the prince said. “However, seeing how powerful you are, I’m willing to offer you a spot in serving me. I’ll ensure your safety, and I might even repay your clan in riches beyond your wildest dreams!” the Ninth prince continued, eyeing Zephyr down.

“Your highness, please rethink your offer. This brat’s nothing but trouble!” the guardian’s expression dramatically changed. His worst fears have come to life. “It’s fine. If he serves me, I’ll have a hundred different ways to keep his loyalty!” the prince said while he chuckled greedily. “Let’s not be hasty now, I still have the Academy’s rescue pendant! If I crush it, your plans will be exposed!” Zephyr said calmly. “Hahaha, do you really think that pendant will help?” the guardian laughed.

Zephyr hesitated for a moment, before he pulled out the pendant. He studied it, noticing how common it looked. It was not like the one shown before. “It’s a complex matter for one to enter the Land of Despair. Even I would have trouble explaining myself to the Academy. So, to tie up any loose ends, your pendant had been tampered with the moment you entered!” the prince said to Zephyr, provoking him further. He enjoyed having everything under his control, the feeling of having the utmost superiority pleased him greatly to no end.

“Hey you brat, get down on your knees and beg. Declare your loyalty to the prince, it’s your only hope!” an Agile fighter yelled to Zephyr. He himself was a prodigy too, to have such power at such a young age. Unfortunately, he was nothing but another person's lapdog. With this attitude, he would not measure up to much in his future.