Chapter 158
“Indeed. You’re but an insect of level Eight! For the prince himself to notice you would be an honor! What’re you hesitating for?!” The others began to clamor with their opinions. The prince smiled widely, pleased at the situation. He knew Zephyr would put down his pride and follow him. After all, he was but an insect. No matter how strong he was, he would still end up becoming the prince's lapdog.

“Heh, follow you? Bullsh*t!” Zephyr spat. The prince’s smile disappeared from his face after he heard what Zephyr said. A great surge of energy burst forth from Zephyr, as if something divine had come down upon them. A thunderous roar boomed. The Way of the Dragon was used, and it fueled Zephyr’s energy beyond respite, reaching new levels!

“What? What are you doing?” the prince asked, he lost his cool when he felt Zephyr’s sudden growth in his energy. He knew Zephyr was strong, that did not matter to him. What mattered was his actions, this was nothing but an insult to his royal status.

“Kill him!” the prince commanded.

“Yes sir!” the other fighters replied and immediately sprang into action. One-by-one, move-after-move came tumbling towards Zephyr. Zephyr gripped his weapon Draken, and charged towards his aggressors. “Seventh Slash!” he roared, it was almost dragon-like. A great wave of energy surged forth.

“Kill him!”

“Die, you brat!”

Seeing Zephyr defend himself, an Agile fighter huffed, then he prepared his palm attack. The sky was soon covered in shadowed palms, darkening the area.

“Die!” the guardian hissed, seizing the opportunity to kill the one responsible for his clan’s decimation. He raised his blade once more, keen on finishing what he started.

Zephyr was surrounded on all fronts by many strong opponents. Everyone deemed him dead on arrival. After all, he was just a Strength of level eight, there was no possibility of him surviving.

“Kill me? Oh, please!” Zephyr’s voice rang out. Zephyr's confident expression had changed everyone’s expression simultaneously. The Agile who unleashed a flurry of palms upon Zephyr found his attack quickly get destroyed. Suddenly, a gush of bladed energy flew out from the eye of the storm. “What? What technique is this?!” the Sun guardian cried. “Mine!” came the answer, loud and terrible.

In an instant, the entire area was crushed under an unassuming force. Zephyr had sent out his unbeatable Focus, and his sword skill. He was going all out. This was his own personal move, his essence, his skill! This was the first time he had conjured all his strength into this attack, he had given his all. An Agile fighter felt a prick, before he spat mouthfuls of blood. Almost instantly after, he was torn asunder, and spewed torrential amounts of blood everywhere. “Focus! He has the Focus!” the Sun guardian cried, his voice cracked from the event before him. “The f*ck?” the prince exclaimed, shocked. His expression quickly changed from shock to envy.

What right did Zephyr have to have gained Focus? He himself was a prince! He had used countless resources to train; the best pills, the best masters. Yet, he could not even compete with a country bumpkin like him? ‘You’re dead meat!’ the prince thought, heart full of envy, and a mind full of bloodlust. He channeled the energy within, entering the fray. “Kill him!”

Everyone released their killing moves after moves. The sky was full of bladed energy, powerful energy rippled throughout, and it was accompanied by booming clashes and screeching sounds. The event before them was a bloodbath.