Chapter 159
As he saw the many attacks that were coming his way, Zephyr steeled himself, and raised his head high to scream so loud that even the Heavens would be able to hear it.

“Seventh Slash!”

“Unbeatable Focus!”

“The Way of the Dragon!”

With that, Zephyr called upon all his Might, morphed into a God of War, and greeted every attack with verve. Dust and sand were sent shooting in all directions, followed by a bunch of rolling dust clouds. Such an act attracted the attention of many fighters, yet once they felt it, they dared not go near it. They knew that this was not their battle to fight.

“Is that the prince?”

“There are so many great fighters on a Strength of Eight?”

“The f*ck is that brat’s sword skill? Is that Focus?”

The fighters kept a safe distance as they watched the battle unfold. They found themselves reflexively backing off, afraid of the shockwaves that came their way.

“Ahi Fist!” yelled the prince. Being of royal descent, the power the prince held was far different than any Zephyr had faced. Ahi Fist was a technique that only the most respected Princes could learn. A surge of draconic roars ensued, followed by the appearance of a golden dragon. Its scales glimmered and flashed, it was a sight to behold!

“F*ck off!” Zephyr said, and raised his sword against the dragon. The Seventh Slash was at its peak now, it had changed immeasurably from before. “How is his Focus so strong? He’s so young, where did he get his Focus from? I’ve been doing this for decades and I still don’t have mine!” the guardian cried unwillingly as he raised his blade against Zephyr maniacally.

Zephyr’s Focus suppressed the Sun guardian’s onslaught, greatly weakening his attacks. There was another Agile that busily contended with Zephyr’s crushing move. He was too weak to fight back, his body began to shake and his muscles convulsed. Zephyr realized the situation, and quickly capitalized on this opportunity to slash at the weaker opponent. Another spray of blood confirmed another kill.

“Ahi Roar!” the prince yelled, livid from losing two Agile followers. He clenched his fists, and sent punch after punch of draconic energy towards Zephyr. The attack did not get far though, it got cut down by Zephyr no sooner had they left his hands. “Damn it! Damn you! Damn everything!” the prince cried, once again preparing for another attack.

Zephyr panted heavily, he was barely able to catch his breath. He was tired. He had exhausted almost all his energy in this final best attack. He only had enough to maintain himself now. He felt his movements slow down, it was getting harder and harder for him to continue on. “He’s almost down!” the Sun guardian and the prince noted. They very happily pressed on their attacks.

With another gust of wind, Zephyr made his Seventh Slash. However, he had lost too much energy. His attack had been weakened. In an instant, the two assailants broke through his attack and broke his defenses. This sent him flying away with a mouthful of blood.

“Now!” the others shouted, continuing on the attack. Zephyr felt something odd as he hit the ground from the attack. It was as though something was stuck within him, and it pulled at him relentlessly. ‘What’s happening?!’ Zephyr thought, before realizing he had just landed in a pile of quicksand. “Haha! Even God is on my side!” The prince laughed as he saw Zephyr slowly being drowned in the quicksand. He prepared another fistful attack, and sent it towards Zephyr.