Chapter 160
Quicksand was one of the many dangers found in the Land of Despair. Once caught, it was extremely difficult to escape from, almost borderline impossible to be exact. Leaves, dust, and rocks were all blown away as the prince’s attack made its way towards the defenseless Zephyr. ‘You’re dead now!’ the guardian thought as he sent out another bladed attack. He knew Zephyr had to be killed here. He was too powerful to be left alive. He was too powerful for a measly sixteen-year old. Never had he seen so many fighters be felled just like that. Were Zephyr given time to grow and train, his destiny path would be infinite.

Feeling the approach of the prince’s fist and the guardian’s sword, Zephyr frowned. ‘I was too reckless! However, I can’t just die like this!’ he thought. “Spirit energy!” he called. Zephyr quickly conjured up a sheet of runes in his mind, and channeled his spiritual energy through it. Suddenly, a beam of bright, white light shot out from his forehead. The spirit beam made its way towards the Ninth prince.

The prince howled in pain as he was hit by the light, he fell to the ground before coughing up a mouthful of blood. “Hmph!” with a huff, Zephyr sunk deeper into the quicksand…

“F*ck!” the prince yelled as he came to. “Are you alright, your highness?” the others asked. “The brat used a rare technique on me, directly attacking my spirit. If I wasn’t of a royal blood, I’d no doubt be f*cked over by now!” the prince said. He soon calmed himself, heaving a big sigh. A look of worry came over him. “Heh, Zephyr’s stuck in the ground isn’t he? Plus he’s so badly injured, he won’t last long!” the guardian said with a smirk.

“Hmph, can you guarantee that he’s dead?” the prince asked. His hatred for Zephyr burned with vigor. “I can attest, your highness! He’s a goner. I have never heard of anyone surviving a dip into quicksand before!” the guardian replied. “Let’s hope so! He’s much too problematic! He mustn't live!” the prince said as he eyed the quicksand with contempt.

As Zephyr sank deeper into the quicksand, it took on a life of its own. It swallowed him whole, and enveloped his body. Although the sand looked normal, it harbored a frightful bloodlust. Every speck of sand was like a tiny knife, cutting away at Zephyr. It was akin to the Golden Devil. Zephyr bled profusely as he sank deeper, the sand cutting deeper into his wounds. ‘I have to get out. If I can’t become an Academy apprentice, my clan and Starlight will be in danger!’ Zephyr thought, “If the Zane guardian heard of my demise, they would no doubt immediately go after them!”

“Leave me alone!” Zephyr screamed, his sword danced in the sand. A burst of swords came from him, fending off the sand. Zephyr gritted his teeth as he carved out a way through the sand. Each step was agonizing to him, but Zephyr’s willpower won out. He charged through the sand.

Carve. Charge. Carve. Charge. Carve. Charge!

He carved and carved and carved, ignoring the pain he felt as the sand brushed past him. He never stopped moving. The pain was unbearable, and Zephyr wanted to give up. He wanted to give in. He was losing it.

Yet he still carried forward.