Chapter 161
Zephyr had been digging a path for a long time. It was so long that even he had lost track of time. Suddenly, the ground below him gave way. He fell through as the sand suddenly left him. Then, he landed onto the ground hard, the shock of which jolted him back to a more conscious state. He felt the ground below him, and it was solid! He slowly opened his eyes, and scanned the strange, unfamiliar lands around him.

He heaved a big sigh, shoved his sword into the ground below as he sat down cross-legged. Then, he recited The Way of the Dragon. Zephyr’s energy levels slowly regained as he continued, it restored much of his body’s energy. The strength of which was that when his strength came back, it blew away the dirt and sand that was around him.

Zephyr sighed once more, this time out of relief knowing he had regained some strength back. He slowly opened his eyes, and it now revealed the glow beneath his eyelids. He wondered how long he had been in that state. It mattered not now, for he was rejuvenated. ‘The battles just began…’ Zephyr thought. “I’m too weak with my current level. Unless I reach a Strength of level nine, I would never be able to keep up with that many fighters at once!” Zephyr pondered further as he felt the energies rolling within him.

Zephyr stood up and then unsheathed his blade from the ground. He scanned his surroundings more. ‘Where am I?’ he thought, assessing his surroundings. Above him was a layer of quicksand, gurgling and flowing. Beneath him was solid, rocky, earth. It was a rare sight. Zephyr remembered something from his previous life, a rumor of a higher power. He scanned the room he was in. It was about 2000 square feet in size. It was large and oddly shaped. This place had green trees and shrubbery, flowing water, and even rocks… Zephyr was exasperated at the strange image.

Suddenly a strange rumbling sound erupted from the stream. Zephyr then saw a ray of light within the water float up. It was a very scattered ray of light, yet shone brightly everywhere, like stars that were placed erratically in the sky. Zephyr noticed how plentiful the lights were, akin to rain even. Each contained potent primordial energy. Zephyr stared at it with curiosity before slowly approaching the light, not forgetting to tightly grip Draken in his hand.

As he neared, the surrounding area seemed to have widened. With that, the surrounding environment grew more and more defined too, along with the intensity of the primordial energy “What is this place? There must be a reason why the primordial energy here’s so strong!” A sudden gust of wind and energy caught Zephyr’s attention, pulling him away from his thoughts. He felt its strange properties.

As Zephyr took another step, another gust of cold, icy wind blew over, carrying with it a bloodlust unlike no other. Zephyr’s Might instinctively reacted, emanating a roar. The scales on his body glowed in reaction. Suddenly, the sight he saw before him drastically shifted. What was once a lush green forest now turned into shades of crimson and black! A heavy stench of rusted blood hung in the air. Instead of having the feeling of spacious and free, it now felt as though he was stuck in a tiny jail cell. Zephyr noticed the multiple skeletons scattered about, each in different stages of decomposition.

A hiss came. ‘What?’ Zephyr thought. A black shadow immediately rushed at him after. This did not give him enough time to react. “Hmph!” Zephyr huffed, retrieving the Meteoric Bow to defend himself. The Bow exploded in energy as he picked it up, conjuring ghastly arrows around him. The speed of the arrows was quick, it pierced and left many riveting holes in the shadow. “What is this thing?” Zephyr asked as he stared at the strange beings in front of him.

The creatures had long tails and looked to be like large lizards. Although they were struck by Zephyr’s arrows, they continued to charge at him. Suddenly, a great roar came from behind them. The ground shook violently, the walls cracked as a great shadow rose to charge at Zephyr. It was a strange creature indeed, having a silver-colored body. It was covered in tough-looking scales. Its back had two proud wings, accompanied by lightning-like markings.

It was larger than the creatures Zephyr shot at earlier, having the height of an estimated hundred feet. Its eyes bore blue, icy light. Its head looked much like a dragon’s, signifying their relation. ‘A Dragon Lizard!’ Zephyr thought. The moment he took note of the creature, the rune on its forehead shined brighter. Zephyr could tell what this creature was immediately based on the rune on its forehead — a Dragon Lizard.

Dragon Lizards had the blood of dragons in them. Moreover, only adults had the rune on their foreheads. This would indicate that their powers would have reached a tier-seven beast level. ‘A tier-seven beast! Sh*t this is bad!’ Zephyr thought as he grimaced at the creature in his sight.