Chapter 162
Dragon Lizards were rare creatures, and not many knew of their existence. Though, rumors of them roaming about persisted throughout. Not even the most skilled fighters would dare cross this beast. ‘Spirits and Alchemists can’t even take on seven-tiered beasts, much less an Agile!’ Zephyr thought. He had to run, and fast. His body trembled in fear, he did not expect to meet such a monster in such a place. Zephyr ignited Lightfoot, preparing to speed away. “If this thing gets out, all of Ahi will be in trouble!”

A great roar came, its vibrations travelled and stopped Zephyr in his tracks. He had not gotten far. Zephyr spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, before collapsing to the ground. Zephyr would not so easily escape from its clutches. The Lizard roared once more, blowing away boulders. Zephyr covered his ears by the loudness of the roar. He felt as though the whole place was about to explode. ‘F*ck! Am I really going to die here?!’ Zephyr thought. He felt as though his muscles and tendons were tearing and bleeding. He was a bloody mess.

Suddenly, a great force came upon Zephyr as he struggled to even get up from the ground. The beast had pounced upon him, its claws outstretched, digging into the ground, and it locked Zephyr in place. It stared at Zephyr with vicious intent. ‘Is it wounded?’ Zephyr thought as he noticed a small wound on its rune with his heightened senses. A stream of fresh blood leaked from it. Zephyr could even feel some spiritual energy that leaked out as well. Something had gravely wounded this beast.

Zephyr wondered if this place’s illusion was its doing as well. Being a wounded animal, it might have retreated here to easily prey upon the fighters and beasts that landed in the quicksand. A Dragon Lizard was a ferocious beast, capable of commanding lightning and thunder. Its speed and power were unmatched in this world. The only weakness it had was the rune upon its head. Once damaged, it was difficult to heal back, as that was where its soul rested.

‘Even if it was injured, I could never beat it. Not unless… I make use of it!’ Zephyr thought. He immediately came up with a truly horrible plan, one that might just possibly save his life. It was his only choice to avoid being Lizard chow right now. The Lizard repeatedly roared in his face as lightning flickered in its mouth. The constant flicker of electricity made Zephyr feel uneasy.

The Lizard opened its mouth, and saliva dripped everywhere. Although its prey was tiny compared to the beast, the beast could feel the draconic energy within the prey. Naturally, this attracted the beast. ‘ It’s now or never!’ Zephyr thought, “Get off!” he screamed, quickly jostling the Winged Serpent within his realm, awakening it. Zephyr had intended to keep the beast within in perpetual slumber with his runes, but it would seem that using the Serpent was his only choice left.

A specter of a Winged Serpent slowly appeared beside Zephyr, accompanied by a long, deep, growl. It emanated horrible energy. The Lizard changed its tune upon detecting the Serpent, showing fear and wary. After all, a mere Lizard was nothing compared to a Serpent. However, once it detected that the Serpent was nothing more than a specter, its expression changed to that of greed. As a seven-tiered beast, it was impossibly adept and smart. It did not waver at the conjured Serpent.

The two beasts stood against each other, each unflinching and unmoving from either presence. Both of their energies surged in perpetual bouts, and it crushed Zephyr in between. He could barely withstand their presence. Zephyr coughed up another mouthful of blood. He had turned pale from this standoff. He had no energy left. The Lizard roared once more, its spirit leaked more through the rune on its forehead. It planned to defeat and consume the Winged Serpent’s spirit. If it did so, it would not only regain its strength, but become ever more powerful.

However, once the Serpent caught sight of its spirit, it quickly launched itself at the Dragon Lizard.