Chapter 163
The Winged Serpent’s power was terrible. Even a small taste of its spiritual energy was enough to shock most people. It shattered the Lizard’s spirit, sending it to reel back from its offensive stance. The rune on its forehead started to bleed profusely. ‘Now!’ Zephyr thought, quickly seizing the chance. He activated his Might, quickly channeled his energy into one fatal blow, and sent his sword into the Lizard’s forehead. “Die!” he yelled, charging forward to the Dragon Lizard’s rune. The Dragon Lizard let out a howl, much like a roaring thunder. Zephyr’s eardrums hurt at the sound of it.

Elsewhere, the Winged Serpent spirit continued to battle with the Dragon Lizard’s spirit. Zephyr entered the Lizard’s spirit realm through its forehead rune. It was not easy though, as Zephyr felt a great wave of indescribable pain wash over him. He had intended to hide within the Dragon Lizard’s realm, hoping to avoid its attacks. Though, he did not expect within the Lizard to be so horrible.

Dragon Lizards were capable of commanding lightning. Therefore, every corner within it was filled with excessive electricity. As Zephyr entered, he was hit with a surge of electrical force. “Damn it!” Zephyr howled, his body cracked under the intense electrical fit. It felt as though a thousand knives were cutting him open, even his spirit had been deeply affected. “The Way of the Dragon!” Zephyr yelled.

His Might seemed to be capable of listening to his needs as it came faster than before. Under the will of the Way, Zephyr began to absorb the electricity into him. Lightning has always been a deadly subject to many, often carrying with it death and destruction. However, many brave fighters have tried to train under lightning, as the results of which are impeccably fortuitous. It was here that Zephyr began to train with lightning. Were he to pass, his body would be that much stronger. If he failed, then he would die here.

Impossible streams of electricity surged through Zephyr’s veins, breaking down every part of his body as it passed through. Only through the Way of the Dragon, had he kept his head above water.

In the outside world, the Lizard roared in agony. Not only was its spirit realm intruded, the electricity within was being consumed by Zephyr. The Winged Serpent’s specter carried on with its attacks, continuing to push the Lizard back. It was unforgiving, merciless even. It was never a debate on who would come out on top in this fight.

Seeing itself be bested like this, the Lizard roared in agony, rocking the surroundings about. It made a final charge towards the Winged Serpent. It came in full force, catching the Serpent off guard. In an instant, the two of them collided. The surroundings were ripped and torn, rocked and shaken. Everything around them, alive and unalive, was crushed immediately.

With this collision, both the Dragon Lizard and Winged Serpent were sent into the Lizard’s spirit realm. All the while, Zephyr put his back into consuming the lightning under the Way. He had not expected to meet the two beasts once more.

“F*ck!” Zephyr cursed, unbelieving of what just happened. Although he had remained calm throughout this life — as per experience from his first — he could not suppress his disbelief. He was already struggling to absorb the Lizard’s electricity, now he had to contend with both of their spirits. It was ridiculous!

“You’re bold, boy!” a voice came. “Who are you?” Zephyr asked, shocked. “How dare you wake me from my slumber! How dare you have me fight your battles! Where did you get such bravery?!” the voice answered. “Are you the Winged Serpent’s spirit?” Zephyr asked, all the while contending with his agonizing body.