Chapter 164
“What do you think? You’re lucky I’m just an ounce of what I am, otherwise that thing would be dead by now! Give me your body, only then will I be able to slay it!” the Serpent answered. “Not to worry, I’d find you a new body for your spirit!” It continued. “You want my body?” Zephyr laughed. “Indeed. I want it, you should be honored! It is something most can only dream of!” the Serpent replied coldly. Zephyr could not stop laughing at that.

The Winged Serpent’s power was undeniably strong. It was able to retain its intelligence through a bit of spirit stolen from the Dragon Lizard. Were it to be at its full power, it would be absolutely devastating. However, Zephyr knew if he had offered his body to it, the Serpent would no doubt absorb his spirit too. It would never honor its word!

“Have you thought it over? I promise I’ll make it worth your while!” the Serpent pushed. It was obvious it was unable to resist the Lizard’s resistance much longer. The Lizard itself was in a difficult position, aware that it was on the verge of life and death now. It would fight to the bitter end. Although the Serpent was strong, it was but a pinch of itself. If it continued like this, or if it sustained a bad injury, its spirit would quickly dissipate.

‘What do I do now!?’ Zephyr had not answered the serpent, he only thought about these things in his head. Suddenly, a weird surge started within Zephyr. The scales on his body started to slowly channel more energy, and it released a powerful draconic essences. The electricity around them was not stopping their flow. ‘What?!’ Zephyr thought, pleasantly surprised at what was happening. The scales had absorbed the electrical energy.

‘There’s still a chance!’ Zephyr thought happily. “Are you done, boy?! This is your last chance! If not, you will die here!” the Serpent demanded, this time it's tone was angry and threatening. “Keep dreaming!” Zephyr replied. “What?!” the Serpent roared. Suddenly, a great wave surged within his spirit realm. A great wave of energy washed around within, and it shook his spirit to the core.

Within Zephyr’s spirit real, the Winged Serpent stirred, releasing copious amounts of its spiritual energy. If Zephyr would not willingly hand his body over, then it decided to take it by force. The Lizard roared, feeling its spirit drained. It also knew that if the Serpent got a hold of Zephyr’s body, it would have no chance of survival. It was here that it decided to let go, resolute in fighting a cornered battle. The Dragon Lizard puffed its chest and charged towards the Serpent once more.

“How dare you act out of bounds! Die!” the Serpent roared, catching the Lizard in its tracks. However, it was clear that this distressed the Serpent by a lot. It had spent much of its energy in fighting its opponent. ‘Lightning! I must master lightning!’ Zephyr thought as his heart raced. He put his all into the Way, and quickly absorbed the electricity. Suddenly, a rune appeared out of nowhere, producing a low hum. It then exploded into a massive surge of energy, burning through Zephyr’s spirit realm.

This rune had caught both Zephyr’s and the Winged Serpent’s attention. Upon it, were intricate lines of light that spewed bloody tones. This was the Dragon Lizard’s rune. “Damn you pest! Giving up your rune to a mere human!” the Serpent roared in protest. At the same time, Zephyr felt something strange, akin to the mastery over an element.

It was electricity. Zephyr had mastered electricity. The Dragon Lizard had given its mastery of lightning to Zephyr. With a final roar, the Dragon Lizard’s rune disappeared, dissolving its energy into Zephyr. The two scales on his body let out a wave of draconic energy to absorb the strong runic powers.

Suddenly, a third scale appeared on Zephyr. Every part of Zephyr’s body was thus strengthened manifold. His veins, his pulse, his body, his soul, were all heightened to a higher dragonic level.