Chapter 165
“Curses! You disgusting filth! How could you!” the Serpent roared. It emanated stream after stream of powerful spirit energy, trying to destroy the rune. The rune Zephyr contended with, carried an aura of mystery and intrigue. It was as though it held a powerful secret. It was both good and evil. The more Zephyr observed it, the more it looked to be more powerful than the Dragon Lizard’s own rune.

A loud boom shook the realm as the Winged Serpent’s energy touched the rune. A great shockwave of power burst out from it, sending out a stream of electricity towards the Serpent. “Electricity? How did you achieve this?!” the Serpent said, staring warily at the electricity. As a spirit, such attacks would be decimating.

The Dragon Lizard had helped Zephyr a great deal. It knew it could not defeat the Serpent on its own, it also knew Zephyr was much on the same boat as it. Had they continued on, the Serpent would have won the both of them either way. Dragon Lizards are not fond of humans, but the draconic energy found within Zephyr felt familiar. It would rather sacrifice its rune and itself to help Zephyr than have the Serpent consume it. A Dragon Lizard’s rune was divine as it grants the power to control electricity. This, compounded by Zephyr’s third scale, signalled his mastery over electricity, and it formed a great and powerful rune.

This rune looked like a flash of lightning, and it carried with it an ancient and powerful electrical aura. “Die, Serpent!” Zephyr cried as his eyes shot open, quickly using his spiritual energy to utilize the rune. The attack sent forth a storm of torrential lightning towards the beast. Zephyr’s spirit realm was put into a greater momentum as lightning was strewn about, striking everywhere with no end in sight. The roar of the thunder cracked everywhere and lightning spewed about. It sent down pillars upon pillars of lighting, each with the sole intent of killing the Winged Serpent’s spirit.

“No! Boy, listen here. I might be a sliver of a spirit, but my descendants are still around. If you kill me, they will never forgive you!” the Serpent cried in fear. “Do you think I care?” Zephyr yelled, following through with his attack. Bouts of lightning congregated over to the Serpent, encasing it in a cone of perpetual electricity. This was too much for the Serpent. Although it was little more than a trial run of trying out attacks by Zephyr, the Serpent was quickly overwhelmed by the attack and was consumed by the storm.

Zephyr heaved a sigh of great relief. He was exhausted. He wiped the sweat off his brow, this was all too much! If it were not for the Lizard’s sacrifice, or his Might, or the quick thinking of summoning the Serpent, or the scales…

Every step in this battle was crucial, had any failed, Zephyr would not be standing there. He doubted he would be as lucky as before, being given the chance to reincarnate and all; to do it once more. Luck really was important being on the path of martial arts.