Chapter 168
Suddenly, right as Samson finished, a sharp burst of energy rushed forward. Its aura was palpable. “Watch it! We’re under attack!” Samson reacted quickly, immediately gathering his energies for a counterattack. A round of agonizing screams rang out. Not long after, the sound of four bodies had hit the floor. All four of them were bloodied and filled with holes, it was truly a horrible sight to see. However, the holes themselves were an even more of a strange sight. This was because it had burn marks on it. Within, the pop and sparkle of electricity could be heard. Even the blood on the surface looked to be evaporating from the heat.

“Who are you!!” Samson demanded, screaming to the heavens. The men who were just killed were Strengths of level nine. They were even the prized members of his team. Any loss of one would have angered Samson, much less four. After all, they were his greatest help. “Who are you?! Show yourself!” Samson screamed once more.

Suddenly, a streak of light rushed towards Samson, it was as fast as lightning. Within that ray was insurmountable electricity, shaking the air as it shot forth, bringing with it an immense energy. Even though it was still some distance away, Samson felt his body being encumbered by an immense pressure. “How dare you!” Samson screamed, going forth to meet his attacker.

A loud boom erupted. Samson stumbled backwards from the immense force. He had not expected to be hit with such a massive attack. Samson coughed up a mouthful of blood. The sight of their master coughing blood led all his men to stare at him in disbelief. The Agile beside Samson had a look of fear on him as well.

“It was an arrow! An energy arrow! Our enemy is a highly-skilled energy-based archer!” Samson said while he grimaced. His right hand shook uncontrollably from the sudden attack. Within his palm was a patch of burnt skin and flesh, a frightening sight to behold. From that one attack, Samson could tell it came from a strong bow; an arrow filled with powerful energies too. He understood the attacker’s skill with the bow was not to be underestimated, it was powerful indeed.

Samson could not believe he was unable to defend against the attack. He was an Agile after all. His inability to defend himself meant that the attacker was one of a higher level. “Good sir, we are from the City of Celadon. We’re only here for the points, why must we be at each other’s necks? Why not we be friends?” The Agility fighter stepped forward to ask whoever had just attacked. “Indeed, I am Samson Leed, the heir to the Leed. Soon, the Leeds will be under me. We should not have any beef should we? What say you, friend?” Samson continued on. He knew he could only yield before such power.

Although Samson wanted nothing more but to end his attacker, he did not know about the attackers whereabouts. Were that person to fire their bow once more, more of his men would die. The Tournament has not ended yet, if he were to lose any more men, it would be a great blow to his cause. “Samson Leed, my my, you do have thick skin!” a tease came forth. Soon, a well-built lean young man appeared. His clothes were torn and tattered, yet the energy he exuded was exquisite.

Once Samson realized who this person was, his expression drastically changed. Even the others could only stare at the man wide-eyed. They looked at Zephyr as if they had just seen a ghost. “Zephyr? How? Aren’t you dead? How’re you still alive? How’re you so powerful?!” Samson demanded loudly. Zephyr frowned at his tone. “That has nothing to do with you!” Samson was shocked upon hearing Zephyr’s retort, but quickly changed into one of cold and contempt. “Heh, you’re right, it has nothing to do with me indeed. It would seem you’re full of surprises. You must’ve gotten some great boon to allow yourself to become so strong! Once I have you in my hands, I’ll have ten thousand ways to get the answer out of you!” Samson scoffed. “Behold my Prideful energy!” Samson screamed as he triggered the energies within him.

Powerful energies emanated from Samson, and it summoned great winds capable of moving the earth. A great weight came upon the area, followed by the appearance of an apparition, ready to battle. “You Leeds are no joke, having such a powerful guardian that came before!” Zephyr said calmly, observing the apparition closely. “Indeed! Although you’ve achieved a great boon, you’re still a Strength of level nine! No matter how strong you are, you will never beat the Leed guardian!” Samson retorted.

“It’s been fun Zephyr! But this ends now!” Samson spoke with a smile. The powerful apparition then came down on Zephyr, ready to crush him like a bug.