Chapter 169
“Hmph, we’ll see about that!” Zephyr said, unfazed. “Away with you!” Zephyr shouted, as the apparition drew closer. A flash of blue light burst forth from his forehead. A sharp screech could be heard. At the same time, the apparition started to shiver violently. Samson stared in disbelief as the apparition began to retreat, as though it had met a greater rival. “Mine!” Zephyr commanded. Almost instantly, the apparition turned into a flash of light, and was promptly absorbed into his forehead. “Hmm, weak!” Zephyr sighed. The mysterious rune on Zephyr was not only capable of commanding lightning, but also able to deal deadly blows to spirits.

If the enemy apparition was strong enough, Zephyr would still have no effect. After all, he had just gotten the rune. However, the apparition that Samson sent forth was rather weak, and it was easily absorbed by Zephyr. He had even absorbed someone else’s spirit to boost his own. A truly frightening move to behold. Had others known his ability to make pills, many would flock to hire him. After all, a medicine man’s power comes from the spirit. If they had this ability, what could stop them?

“How… how?!” Samson roared, seeing his ultimate move be so easily dealt with by Zephyr. It drove him half insane. “Evil! You must have learned something evil!” Samson accused. The evil that Samson referred to implied that Zephyr had learned a savage and brutal technique, one which quickly raised the user’s skill level. The user’s who partake in this were often strong, and often made bounds in breakthroughs. However, these fighters are widely hated and often do not last long. Soon, these evil techniques became rarer, to the point where they are only allowed to be discussed in hushed tones.

“Hmph!” huffed the Agile next to Samson, before he quickly ran away. He was not stupid. He stayed with Samson only because he could heal and restore his broken energies. He knew he was no match for a strong fighter such as Zephyr, so why would he even consider staying?

“Run away!” the others cried, witnessing their strongest member run. Each of them made a break for it, leaving Samson to face Zephyr alone. “Cowards!” Samson cried. He was insulted. How dare his men leave him like that? A gust of energy blew past shortly after, killing all those who ran, save for the Agile who struggled from the assault. Regardless of Zephyr, Samson was still an Agile.

“We’re but partners Samson. Now that your rival has appeared, what do I have to do with him?!” the Agile demanded angrily. He was not afraid of Samson Leed, he was afraid of Zephyr Khan. Although Zephyr was a Strength of level nine, the Agile could feel the boy’s true power. He knew he was not just a mere Strength of level nine. How could a Strength of level nine push back an Agile? “How could you do this to me? I’ve treated you well!” Samson retorted.

Zephyr could only stand and watch, he had not expected it to come to this. Regardless of so, neither of them would get to live. Were any of them to escape, it would cause great trouble for him. Zephyr would not sow these seeds.

“Help me, or die!”

“In your dreams, Leed!”

The two came to blows, verbally and then physically. Each displayed their moves with full intentions of killing the other. However, right as they were about to clash, they turned towards Zephyr, coming at him full force. “Did you really think we’ll fight amongst ourselves, brat?! Die!” Samson screamed as he carried a satisfied expression on his face.

The two were just acting! To make matters worse, the rest were killed to maintain the illusion! How wicked!

“Dumb*sses!” Zephyr smiled as he watched them come at him with an unwavering heart. “Lightfoot!” Zephyr said as he vanished into thin air, followed by a thunderous clap. Zephyr’s Lightfoot had been improved exponentially since he got his electrical boon. He was now faster and more agile.

Suddenly, Zephyr appeared behind the two, brandishing Draken. Blood sprayed like rain as the two of them as Draken came into contact with their bodies.