Chapter 172
Filthy rich! Filthy, stinking rich! A Loot ring was an uncommon item. Its pocket dimension was crafted from powerful fighters and smiths. It was extremely capable of storing many items. Most would never have the chance to touch a Loot ring in their lives, not many in the Ahi Dynasty would even have one. Only the space shifters of the academies could forge these. What left Zephyr speechless was the nonchalant way the girl threw the ring onto the ground, as if it was a piece of trash. She was definitely filthy, stinking, bloody, rich!

“May I have this Loot ring?” Zephyr asked. “Of course!” the girl said as she nodded. The Loot ring seemed like nothing to her. “Alright, deal!” Zephyr said. He felt as though he had gotten a great deal out of this. Although Springwater was hard to come by, it was nothing compared to a Loot ring. Zephyr tossed the bottle of Springwater over, to which the girl caught happily. Her pained expression quickly dissipated upon receiving it.

He looked at the ring on his palm, studying it. He then focused his essence into it, finding out that the space it could hold was about two square feet. It was a low-grade Loot ring, but nonetheless very valuable to Zephyr. With this, Zephyr no longer needed to carry a pack. It was a great convenience having this. After he placed all his items into the ring, Zephyr looked towards the girl. “Goodbye!” the girl said. She picked up her items, and even left without turning back.

Zephyr shook his head. “Although this is a low-grade ring, it’s still a Loot ring, oh well!” Zephyr thought as he rubbed the ring.


Somewhere within the deep jungles, Zephyr brandished Draken. He summoned bladed energy supported by draconic ones. The energy it carried had sparks of electricity surrounding it. His attack found its way towards a large monster. It was a large ape. Feeling the power from Zephyr’s attack, it let out a great cry. It parted its long arms, before it connected into a large clap, trying to defend against his attack. This was a tier-three beast — a Devil Monkey.

The Devil Monkey was donned in muscles from head to toe, and had a variety of marks on its scrappy fur. It was built like a huge boulder, strong and mighty. It was one of the stronger tier-three beasts. Under normal circumstances, those weaker than an Agile of level five would have no chance of winning against it. However, Zephyr’s Focus and sword skill, on top of his electrical prowess, were not normal. In the blink of an eye, the Monkey’s hands dropped to the ground.

It howled in pain, then turned away to run. Zephyr was not so merciful however, he quickly disposed of it with a slash from his sword. A streak of lightning, sharp as steel, chased after the beast. It sliced open the Monkey’s throat, and forced its great body to tumble onto the ground. A cone of electricity coursed around Zephyr, making him look like the God of Lightning. Feeling the electrical energies around him, Zephyr could not help but flash a smile. Before, he would have no chance facing off against such a monster, but now he could easily dispose of one. ‘I’ve already killed three of these tier-three beasts!’ Zephyr thought, as he looked for the Monkey’s pearl.

After he found it, he sat down on the ground and placed Draken next to him. Small streams of electricity sparked around him. Zephyr looked inward, feeling the rune within emit a strange, rippling wave. Around it, the three scales danced about in draconic fashion. It absorbs the electricity around, slowly building themselves up. ‘My body’s been changing since I’ve gotten the rune, no, not just my body. In fact, even my Might has changed! I wonder what’s the relationship between the two? How are they complimenting each other so well?’ Zephyr thought.

As Zephyr pondered and observed his rune, a great clap of lightning could be heard. Its volume sounded as though it was sent down from the heavens itself, shaking Zephyr’s spirit realm. Suddenly, Zephyr was surrounded in a storm of lightning that perpetually trapped him in. Though, Zephyr did not feel anything strange, nor different. He was fully focused on the strange, rippling effect. He knew it had something to do with his newfound electrical powers.

‘What’s this?’ Zephyr thought, as he felt for the strong surges that came and went. He could feel its power, its force, its spirit!