Chapter 174
‘For a fighter to break through to another level, they mustn't be disturbed, otherwise they will fail, or worse, die!’ Zephyr thought. Yang had somewhat grown on him, so he decided to go towards Yang.

Primordial energy was surging! Within the deep and dark mountain range, some primordial energy gathered together as if forming a liquid. It was thick and viscous. With a scream, a cold, strangely elegant silhouette appeared. The silhouette glowed in golden and black hues. Light and dark, different elements came together. Evil and divine! They came together and formed a strange and unlikely bond.

Another roar came. The silhouette grew stronger and more detailed. Finally, one could make out its features. The black silhouette stood still, surrounded in golden and black rays of light, akin to flowing water. Though the person’s features were difficult to make out, one could see that it looked like a demon. The person gave off a strong aura that signified their strength.

Below the silhouette, sat a man cross-legged. His hands were in a speedy mess. It was Yang! Yang was currently in the middle of a break through. His hands moved ceremoniously, in quick successions. The primordial energy around started to shape itself into runes. ‘I’m almost there! Who knew breaking through to Agility was so hard! Damn it! Although this place is well-hidden, there’s just too many fighters out there. If I’m discovered, I’m done for!’ Yang thought, wearily aware of the situation.

Yang was in a pickle. The time for change came too fast, too strong. He was unable to suppress it. He was filled with worry. His worries affected his energies too, causing it to churn and boil within, negatively affecting his energy channels. ‘No!’ Yang thought, feeling the violent changes within. His energy was betraying him. If he failed here, he would die! At best, he would be mortally wounded.

Yang struggled to balance his emotions while trying to control his energy flow. Suddenly, a gust of wind came, followed by the quick appearance of another fighter. He looked to be in his twenties or so. On his back was a sword, and in his eyes, it was nothing but contempt. His aura carried a heavy presence. He stared at Yang while he made weird, playful gestures.

Yang felt annoyed at the appearance of this man, he worried what that man might do to him. All he could do was expedite his energy flow, hastening his breakthrough. He knew this man. It was the heir of Claymore, the one that he crossed before they entered the Land of Despair!