Chapter 175
The heir of Claymore rushed over, and stood in front of Yang. He carried a look of a contemptuous expression. “Guess I’m in luck! You’re Yang, aren’t you? Weren’t you the one who gave me a tight slap before? You must be strong!” the man said. Yang opened his eyes. His eyes were deep and dark, with black light that flowed within. Among the darkness, specks of gold could be made out. He looked like a demon. Though it was nothing but a stare, the man was startled enough to take a few steps back. “How dare you stare at me so disrespectfully! I know what you’re doing, you’re trying to breakthrough aren’t you? Ha! You’re weak! If I were to touch you, you’d definitely fall!” the man chided, though Yang gave no reply.

Yang was unable to move. He was at his weakest now. Any slight movements would no doubt either injure or kill him. “I’m in a good mood today. I noticed that you were struggling with breaking through, may I?” As the man finished, he brandished his sword, emitting a cold, deadly intent. It was obvious he was afraid of Yang. Based on his actions, one could conclude that he would sleep better, knowing Yang would not be a problem for him anymore.

‘Am I really going to die to this c*r? No! Never!’ Yang thought as he grimaced from the potential threat. His expression then changed to one of determination, the energies around him followed suit, gathering more by the minute. He had made a decision. Yang would risk it all to bring this man down with him. “Hmph!” A huff came right as the man was about to strike Yang.

A blast of energy came the man’s way, it was speedy and powerful. It was impossible for him to react in time. The attack came and destroyed the man’s strike, passing on to the man itself after. “No!” the man shouted, he had not expected company. Feeling this gust of energy come through, the man could not help but make a look of despair.

Before he could think, their heir of Claymore was hit with both sword and electricity. This immediately vaporized him. He exploded into a rain of blood, with nothing but electrical sparks that remained where he once stood. In the next moment, Zephyr appeared clad in black. “Made it just in time,” Zephyr said. He smiled as he noticed the usually indifferent Yang, letting a pleasant smile crawl onto his face. Though, Zephyr felt a bit guilty. Had he been late by another moment, Yang would have lost his life then and there.

This was luck. Yang’s luck.

Seeing the danger disappear, Yang closed his eyes. He continued returning to breaking through. Although he had only met Zephyr once, he trusted the Khan boy a lot. As Yang focused, Zephyr stood guard, scanning the area and keeping watch. Zephyr watched as the primordial energy danced around, this amused him to no end. If he had any doubts as to Yang’s powers, they were all gone now.

Zephyr felt Yang’s energy start to culminate. He guessed it was almost time. ‘Yang’s techniques are mysterious. Both evil and light are within him. He’s strong. Extraordinarily so. If it weren’t for The Way of the Dragon, I doubt I could ever match him!’ Zephyr thought as he observed both the surroundings and the changes that happened within Yang.