Chapter 176
The primordial energy around started to accumulate even more vigorously. Yang was busy absorbing it. Suddenly, Yang’s aura surged, the silhouette above him quickly shrunk, and returned to his body. With a heave, Yang opened his eyes, it glowed a cold, icy white. Zephyr could feel the space before him start to revert back to normal, no longer was it rippling. Yang’s eyes were both dark, though his pupils remained a golden hue. He was a terrible sight to behold. Furthermore, his powers have grown tenfold! He was a new man since breaking into Agile!

‘Such power!’ Zephyr thought. Yang let out a huge sigh of relief as his expression still remained ever so indifferent. Though, his eyes carried a look of gratitude as he looked at Zephyr. “Thank you!” he said. Though he only said two words, Zephyr could feel the immense gratitude they carried. Zephyr did not take Yang’s indifferent nature to heart, he knew that that was just the way he was. “You're strong, friend!” Zephyr said, as he observed the dead and rotting flora and fauna around. “It’s nothing!” Yang replied as he nodded in thanks. “Are you looking to learn more complete techniques by enrolling?” Zephyr asked. “Indeed!” Yang answered.

“I still need to hunt beasts for points!” Yang said, looking at Zephyr. He intended to invite Zephyr along. “I have enough, thank you. I have other matters to attend to,” Zephyr said with a smile. “Okay!” Yang nodded without hesitation. He then vanished into thin air. “This guy…” Zephyr said with a chuckle, but he did not care. Although Yang was not a social person, he was a good friend to have.

The battle raged on. In the Land of Despair, everyone needed to give their all. No one knew when the Tournament would end. They only knew that it would be announced once the time was up. However, the Tournament has been going on for a while now. Everyone was weary and wary from it. Many fighters had stopped hiding, opting to emerge and kill. Each of them were skilled in their own right. They all carried a strong sense of pride and self. They would rather perish in battle than ask for help from the pendant. Many fighters fell because of this. There were many fighters in the Ahi Dynasty, each highly treasured. They could have had a long and prosperous life, unfortunately, they chose the path of the warrior. A path that dictated one to fight to their deaths!

Two days have passed. Upon a small mountain pass, a young man can be seen brandishing a scimitar, slashing ahead of him. His blade shimmered in the light, his speed like lightning. Behind him, a group of men pursued forward.