Chapter 180
A single arrow had taken two lives! Suddenly, the arrow surged with more energy, and it exploded within the two men. Their bodies exploded into a crimson mist. “No!” the guardian screamed, finally coming to his senses. He quickly summoned his energies, brandishing his sword. His senses had been heightened from this ambush. Suddenly, another five arrows came, ripping through the air. “Away!” the guardian cried, sending forth his bladed energy to meet with the arrows.

With an ear piercing ring, the Sun guardian could only feel his body go numb from the defense. However, what shocked him was that his defense had failed. The arrows stayed on course, finding its way to the other fighters to kill them. “Damn it!” the guardian shouted. Another arrow flew past, killing another member. This sent the Sun guardian into a frenzied mode. The last royal squad had just been decimated right before his eyes. He had lost not only his responsibility, but his cavalry. He was absolutely livid.

“Zephyr Khan! Show yourself!” the guardian demanded as he gripped his sword tightly. With a strong gust of wind, and a low hum, Zephyr appeared before the Sun guardian. He was a lean, mean, killing machine. “You! You’re still alive!” the guardian said. Although he had suspected, there was no doubt about it now. “Hmph, you’ll pay for what you did, old man!” Zephyr spat, though he dared not underestimate his opponent. Although Zephyr had enough strength to kill him, he was not sure if the guardian had any hidden tricks. He had to be careful.

“Hahaha! Great! Splendid! I was wondering what secrets you’ve been keeping for yourself, boy! Your energy signature is unique, and your prowess is far better than anyone could have imagined. If you tell me your secrets, I’ll let you live! Though… I will cripple you!” the guardian laughed as he pointed his sword at Zephyr. “Cripple me? Do you even hear yourself?” Zephyr replied coldly.

Suddenly, the Sun guardian’s expression changed. “Good. I had hoped it’d come to this. I’ll make you talk, just you wait!” he said. As he finished speaking, a blast of energy came from him that shook the area. “Die, Zephyr Khan!” the guardian screamed, moving first. He swiped and slashed with his sword, sending forth bladed energy. “Devil’s Blade!” The Sun guardian had unleashed his greatest sword skill. One could see the bladed energy that rolled towards Zephyr like endless waves. “This is nothing!” Zephyr said with a smile.

Before, Zephyr might have trouble withstanding this attack. Though, with his newfound electrical powers, and his three dragon scales, the guardian’s attack was nothing. “Seventh Slash!” Draken flashed with lightning speed in Zephyr’s hand, riveting the air around. Shadows of dragons started to appear around Zephyr that exuded great bladed energy.

A loud boom came as the two sword skills clashed, cracking the ground around. Everywhere the bladed energy touched, it was decimated. Their two swords clashed as well, sending sparks flying everywhere. Both fighters gave it their all to contend with one another. “Impossible!” the Sun guardian cried. He started to fear Zephyr.

Zephyr was just a Strength of level nine, yet he could easily defend against the attacks. No, Zephyr seemed to have the upper hand. The guardian could not believe what was happening. Thi was because he himself was an Agile of level three. How was he still struggling to contend with a measly Strength of level nine? He had not given his all previously as he underestimated Zephyr. However, now, he gave it his all, yet Zephyr still stood stronger than him.