Chapter 181
‘What powerful swordskill! If it weren’t for my over-domineering Focus and Dragon’s Might, I wouldn't have been able to go head-to-head with this guy! But it’ll be easy to take him out with my Electrical powers!’ thought Zephyr. He was impressed by the Sun guardian’s power but not overly worried about it.

Moreover, Zephyr felt that his Electrical power had become more refined as compared to the last time. ‘Fighting really is the best way to level up!’ he thought to himself. Although he could easily take out the Sun guardian, he decided to use this opportunity to practice his swordskill.

With that thought, a faint light glowed between Zephyr's eyebrows. Little by little, the area in front of him began to fill with streams of light that were undetectable by others. Those streams of light were currently being controlled by his Electrical power as it swarmed through the air. With this power, he would be able to detect the Sun guardian’s each and every move. Zephyr’s counterattacks gradually slowed down, this made it easier for him to dodge the Sun guardian’s attacks.

The Sun guardian swung his sword madly around, this sent out wave after wave of earth shattering bladed energy. However, none of the attacks came close to hurting his opponent as Zephyr easily dodged the attacks with his swift bodily technique. Zephyr did not even bother to use his sword!

It was as if Zephyr could predict the Sun guardian’s each and every move beforehand. Everytime it looked as if the Sun guardian’s bladed energy was about to hit Zephyr, he was able to dodge the attack with ease.

“D*mn you. What’s going on here?!” The Sun guardian was on the brink of a breakdown. He felt baffled as to how Zephyr was able to avoid such a concentrated sword attacks. It was as if Zephyr could predict his next move which made it hard for him to land an attack on Zephyr.

Suddenly, Zephyr’s state of mind changed. It was as if he had reached some sort of esoteric state. His vision had sharpened and it looked as though true comprehension had dawned on him. His movement gradually slowed down as if imbued with some unfathomable techniques.

Zephyr chose this moment to swing his sword and the two swords clashed together once more.

“Now’s my chance!” The Sun guardian was overjoyed at being able to land a blow against Zephyr’s sword. He focused on his true energy. Then, the sword in his hand gushed out with violent bladed energy.


However, the Sun guardian’s expression drastically changed as Zephyr’s power suddenly increased by twofold. This gave him no time to react from Zephyr’s immediate incoming attack.

The sudden attack made the Sun guardian almost lose his sword. He staggered a few steps back while he spewed large amounts of blood from his mouth. “How’s that possible?!” the Sun guardian asked in a confused tone. All that had happened was beyond his imagination. How was it possible for Zephyr — who was nothing but Strength of level nine — suddenly increase his power.

There was confusion plastered on Zephyr’s face too but it was quickly replaced by happiness. “Haha, so that’s how it works. Let’s continue, old man!” Zephyr threw his back head in laughter. The Sun guardian’s entire body shook with rage when he realized that he was being used as a target practice.

Zephyr had unlocked a new Dragon’s Might skill — the increase of power! All this while, he thought that the power of the Dragon Might’s laid in the training of the body to increase one’s combat and defense skill to extraordinary levels. Previously, when he trained, this method did not make much sense to him for the Dragon’s Might was a heaven-defying skill. It was not until now that he finally understood its esoteric power! Only when the scale in his body suddenly moved during the fight, was when he finally understood that his power had increased by twofold. It was an amazing discovery that one’s scale was able to increase one’s power by twofold!

“If one scale increases my power by double, then three scales would quadruple my power. If I’m able to gather all thirty thousand six hundred scales, I'll become invincible…” Zephyr took a deep breath. Knowing this, he could not imagine the amount of power he could potentially have.

“Curse you, Zephyr! Die!” The Sun guardian was about to lose his mind. He activated all the true energy in his body which caused the things around his surroundings to get blown away. Pebbles scattered across the crumbling ground and dust could be seen flying everywhere.

However, Zephyr was unfazed by this sudden display of power. He slowly walked towards the Sun guardian as if he was strolling in the park with all the time in the world.

“Threefold Increase!” Zephyr increased his power once again with his other two scales and tightly gripped on to Draken.

The Sun guardian was sent flying back by Zephyr’s terrible power. Blood spewed out from his mouth and a crack began to form on his sword. “Im… Impossible!” shouted the Sun Clan’s guardian with disbelief. How could a junior that was only a Strength of level nine win in a fight against him?

“Fourfold Increase!” Three majestic powers gathered in Zephyr’s body along with the use of the three scales.

Zephyr gracefully carried out a sword attack towards the Sun guardian. The latter did not even have the chance to let out a scream before he was turned into a mass of bloody flesh. His blood poured down onto the ground, staining the surface red.