Chapter 182
Zephyr placed his sword vertically against the ground. Though his expression was one of calmness, his eyes exposed the fact of his gleefulness. He never expected his power to increase so much once he learned how to utilize the scales. He was now confident that with his unparalleled Focus, he would be able to take out an Agility of level three without even having to use his Electrical powers.

‘Huh what’s that?’ Zephyr thought as he basked in his happiness. The space between his eyebrows furrowed, knitting his brow together. A wave of fluctuating energy came very suddenly, like a lightning strike. After he noticed this fluctuation, Zephyr shook his head and immediately saw a scene in his mind. It looked like a powerful group that was made up of seven people with powerful auras. The person that led the group — who was clothed in luxurious clothing — was the Ninth Prince! He seemed to be filled with energy. Although, his eyes were one of coldness and indifference.

‘Wow, I can even detect their whereabouts now.’ thought Zephyr, surprised at his own ability for the group was at a great distance away from him.

“We’ve not received any news from the Sun guardian. Do you think something happened to him?” asked a talented fighter.

“The Sun guardian is very strong. Only a few people would be able to take him out in the Land of Despair. I really doubt that something bad could even happen to him,” replied the Ninth Prince with an icy expression. He had high confidence in the Sun guardian’s fighting ability.

“Zephyr is only a Strength of level eight. Our next opponent will most likely be a skilled fighter, but it’ll definitely not be Zephyr!” The Ninth Prince’s expression darkened as he continued on. In actual fact, he too felt anxious from the lack of news from the Sun guardian. This was because according to the arrangements they had made, the latter should have immediately sent news to him once Zephyr had been taken out.

However, not only did he not receive any news, there was no response at all from the entire troop. “As long as nothing out of the ordinary happens, I’ll take the number one place in the Inter-city Tournament with my current score,'' muttered the Ninth Prince as an act of self-soothing.

“Yes. We’ve gotten many points. It’s a good thing the troops transferred their points to you before they were decimated. With those points, no one could come close to your score!” said another fighter while he nodded his head.

Their decision to help the royal family required a lot of determination as it meant that they would never be able to join The Boundless Academy. Moreover, they would be left with nothing were the prince would fail to level up his ranks.

“Huh!” The Ninth Prince suddenly frowned when he felt a stabbing pain between his brows.

“What’s wrong, Your Highness?” The men around him began panicking when they saw how much pain he was in.

“That bastard managed to incur heavy damage to my soul using some secret skill. Even though I’ve managed to block off most of the attack, it’ll take some time before I fully recover.” His eyes suddenly widened as he stared towards the sky in disbelief. “Impossible!”

At that very moment, Zephyr’s vision and the Ninth Prince’s vision met across the air.

“You’re still alive!” The Ninth Prince roared as he stared far into the distance.

Zephyr laughed coldly, he was not surprised as to what was happening at all. This was because a little bit of his power had been left in the Ninth Prince’s Spirit Realm when he used his spirit power against him. Through this link, he was able to sense everything that has to do with the Ninth Prince.

“We’ll be able to meet very soon, Your Highness. Until then, do stay patient.” Zephyr smirked at the man in front of him. He then cut off their connection without waiting for the Ninth Prince’s reply.

The Ninth Prince was thrown into a state of panic. “Zephyr’s still alive! We have to leave this place immediately. The Sun guardian’s most probably dead. Though I have no idea how Zephyr managed to take him out, I’m sure he’s not someone we can handle right now!”

The feeling of fear had finally struck him. His heart beated wildly against his chest and a chill ran up his spine at the thought of Zephyr’s cold gaze.

“Hurry!” At the sound of the command, the group left the place in a rush.

“Do you really think you can hide from me?” Zephyr spoke in a low and icy voice. It was easy for him to find the Ninth Prince’s hiding place with the link made by the spirit power. “I would suggest you all take your time as the show has just begun!”

A cruel smile crept up on Zephyr’s face as he stared into the distance and shook his head. He had found a cave in which he sat down in a cross-legged position. “Let’s train for a few days since I’ve gotten enough points.” Even with Zephyr’s talent it would take him a large amount of training to reach an Agility level. Therefore, that would not be his main purpose for now. His true purpose would be to comprehend the meaning of the apparition of the divine weapon he saw previously. The apparition of the divine weapon was so incredibly powerful that a glimpse of it was enough to enrapture Zephyr.

It was very clear to Zephyr that his power would go through a groundbreaking transformation once he had achieved a higher level. By that time, there would be no need to fear even an Agility of level five. “Getting to the core of the divine weapon would be no small feat. Luckily I have just the thing to help me!”


A plant that emitted a delicate fragrance appeared in his hand. It was none other than the Chrono Grass. Though this incredibly rare item was not able to increase one’s power, it did come with a heavenly-defying benefit of greatly increasing one’s chance of entering into a trance.

Once consumed, the fighter's mind will be able to penetrate the working of the universe and reach a state of oneness with everything. In that state, the fighter’s comprehension ability will be greatly improved. Although he still had some Chronos Grass left, he was careful to not use too much for these things were hard to come by. He closed his eyes after consuming some Chronos Grass and entered the state to train.