Chapter 183
It was no wonder that the mysterious Chronos Grass was worthy of being called the treasure of Heaven and Earth. Zephyr immediately felt his mind become so much clearer after a few seconds of consuming it. He could sense a certain keenness to his soul as his perception became more accurate. Although his eyes were tightly shut, he could sense everything that was happening around him as he used his four other senses.

A hum vibrated through the air, which made Zephyr feel reborn. At this moment, he seemed to be walking above the sky and breaking through all the obstacles at an alarming speed. Lightning flashed around him as everything passed in a blur. Suddenly, fear struck his heart. Although he had experienced this kind of situation before, the aura was too powerful to comprehend as it was completely beyond the reach of mortals.

Once more, a hum sounded. Due to the effect of the Chronos Grass, Zephyr immediately saw the blinding light with a clearer perception. The light seemed to be made up of the most beautiful colors in the world. “What kind of divine weapon is this? Even its apparition contains enough oppressive force to destroy everything around it!”

While in shock, Zephyr frantically used his mind to comprehend the mystery of this divine weapon. Gradually, he perceived nothing else but the apparition of the divine weapon. He continued speculating about the object as time passed. Days turned into nights, and nights turned into days as time went on. Finally one day, a thunder-like voice rumbled throughout the Land of Despair. "Attention to all participants, the Land of Despair will be closed from tomorrow onwards. This will conclude the end of the Inter-city Tournament. Please be prepared to evacuate by tomorrow afternoon. To those who aren’t prepared, they shall be completely trapped in the Land of Despair.”

The announcement boomed through the Land of Despair. It echoed so loudly that all the fighters could hear it, and everyone was overcome with joy. "It's finally over!" they shouted. It was obvious the participants had been waiting for this announcement for a very long time. Almost everyone had become exhausted from such a cruel fight. Many of them had long hoped for it to be over.

Unfortunately, Zephyr had not heard the announcement at all. He only continued to train inside the cave as his primordial energy swirled around him. Zephyr still sat in a cross-legged position as the true energy was flowing crazily inside his body. In his Spirit Realm, he had been attempting to understand the apparition of the divine weapon. He was already at the eighty percent mark. He was so focused that he could not perceive the outside world. Coincidentally, he was so focused that he seemed to have forgotten about the Inter-city Tournament all together!

All his attention was focused on the apparition of the divine weapon. The scene of the divine weapon was surrounded by thunder and lightning, it was as if the Thunder God himself was doing a battle cry. A truly shocking sight to behold. The apparition had solidified itself bit by bit as Zephyr made progress towards full comprehension. Although he was only at the eighty percent mark, he could clearly see its appearance now — it was a Divine Spear with countless mysterious patterns and marks on it. The patterns and marks seemed to be made out of ancient text or runes which gave off a mysterious aura.

Zephyr felt his concentration wavering as he found it harder to continue on. Fortunately, it did him no harm, he had gotten what he wanted already. Although it was only an apparition of a Divine Spear, the aura it emitted was still too strong for him to handle. He had no doubt that he would be killed were he to be faced with the real thing, so it was a good thing the Divine Spear only existed in his Spirit Realm for now.

The fact that he could comprehend eighty percent of the apparition in a few short days was not only due to his strong spirit, but also from the rune between his brows. Of course, the invaluable Chrono Grass helped as well. After all, it was after consuming the herb that it enabled him to enter a state of trance for him to have epiphanies. Not only that, it gave him a chance to enhance the clarity of his mind. In this state, Zephyr's ability of comprehension was so terrifyingly strong that no one could even come close to it.

All the combination above made it possible for him to reveal eighty percent of the Divine Spear’s appearance. ‘Just a little bit more,’ thought Zephyr. He had full confidence now that in a few days more, he would be able to fully comprehend the Divine Spear’s apparition. By then, he would be able to master its power and even manifest it out. Knowing this, he was excited as he could not imagine how powerful the Divine Spear would be.

Zephyr opened his eyes, took out the Chrono Grass, and consumed more without hesitation. He proceeded to close his eyes once again. Then, he entered the zone once more. However, he did not realize that he had consumed the last of the Chrono Grass.

The next day, at the crack of dawn, countless powerful figures sped through the land. They were the talented skilled fighters who had survived the Inter-city Tournament. Most of them were not ordinary to begin with and many had gotten even more powerful through the battles. It was to the extent that some of the Strength of level nine fighters showed signs of a potential breakthrough. With a little bit more training, they would be able to progress to the Agility level.

Many more had arrived with the rising sun.

“How did you fare?” they asked each other. It was obvious the people in the group knew each other very well.

“It was horrible! It’s a wonder I’m still alive. I wasn’t silly enough to think that I’ll be in the top ten ranking, I only say this as an opportunity to level myself up. Anyways, I had the good fortune of getting a lot of rare treasures, so all in all, I would say this competition was worth every bit of my time,” answered a man with a bitter smile.

“Yeah! At first I felt so confident about winning, but then I came across those guys who were truly abominable. I didn’t even stand a chance against them. I should have just stuck to laying low and looked for some spirit pills. My score summed to only five hundred or more, it’s completely useless!”

“I think I did quite well with a score of three thousand,” said someone happily.


Suddenly, a figure flashed by revealing a person with an exceptionally beautiful body. Her long azure hair cascaded down like a waterfall, her skin was as pale as snow, her facial features were so elegant that one could mistake her for a porcelain doll. She was none other than the young woman Zephyr had previously come across. Not only that, there was a high chance that she was the future Meteor Queen.