Chapter 186
“Next, give each scoreboard a drop of your own blood!” ordered one of The Boundless Academy’s apprentice once everyone had taken out their scoreboards. Although his voice was not loud, everyone could hear him clearly.

The air was immediately filled with whooshing sounds as the participants’ scoreboards flew through the air as if being summoned by some unknown force. Blood-red writings appeared on the scoreboards after being fed with blood. The writing displayed each fighters’ name, city and number of points. The scoreboard would automatically be combined together if a fighter had more than one scoreboard.

“Only five hundred points? You’re a joke!”

“Wow! This guy scored eight thousand points.”

“No way! How is that even possible? And here I thought two thousand was a lot.”

Beams of light exploded in the sky. It could be said that it would not be easy to know who had the most points amongst glaring light. The task would surely require the utmost observation skill. However, the crowds quickly figured out that the more points a fighter had, the brighter the scoreboard would be. Not to mention, the light would cover a bigger area too. Most fighters’ scoreboards were nothing more than a glimmer, making it almost undetectable.

Suddenly, a light as bright as the blazing sun appeared. The other scoreboards lights were overpowered by the crimson light as if it were the stars which had to give way to the sun at every day break.

“Holy cr*p! This guy scored one hundred thousand points!” They all let out a collective gasp as they kept on staring at the glaring crimson light. They could not believe that it was possible for anyone to score so many points. Even the Grand Masters could not believe their own eyes while the apprentices of The Boundless Academy turned their gaze towards a figure. The figure had a muscular build and dark skin. His very presence acted as a domineering force.

“It’s a participant from Savage!”

“Savage used to be a backwater town. But I guess that’s not the case anymore if they were able to have a fighter like this.”

“He possesses top-notch defense skill. I bet only the strongest fighters would be able to break through his defense.”

“Not bad. Not bad at all,” said the Academy representative with a smile. He had not moved from his position in the air.

“Yes, he’s indeed strong. I would never expect a fighter of his calibre to come out of a city like Savage.” The Master of the Grand Masters smiled proudly for it did not matter which city the participants were from as they all belonged to the Ahi Dynasty.

After Yang dropped blood onto his scoreboard, it exploded with a light that rivalled the Savage’s fighter and it flew up to the sky.

“My god! A hundred and fifty thousand points!”

“That’s more than the fighter from Savage!”

“I’ve come across him before. He’s so strong that even a tier-three beast was no match for him!”

“Wow. Isn’t he from Laike Taiho?”

“He’s awesome!”

The admiration from the crowd put a smile on Boxer’s face. “Well done. Very well done indeed.”

Yang’s expression was as calm as ever as he fixed his gaze towards the entrance of the Golden Devil.

“Huh?” The smile suddenly left the Academy representative’s face as he squinted his eyes in a far-off direction.

A woman with long azure hair, lustrous eyes, and a graceful demeanour appeared hovering in the air. Her feet were bare and yet no dirt could be found on them. Her features reminded fighters of a pure lotus flower and they found it hard to avert their gazes from her.

“She’s…” muttered the Academy representative to himself. There was a flash of surprise in his eyes.

“What’s the matter?” asked the surprised Master of the Grand Masters with knitted brows. This was the first time he had seen the other man show a shocked expression.

“It’s nothing,” replied the Academy representative calmly. His eyes never left the woman once. He stared hard as if wishing he could peer into the deepest corners of her soul. If the Master of the Grand Masters did not know the other man well, he could have mistaken him for a pervert.

The woman was enveloped in a mist of swirling light and with a wave of her hand, countless beams of light shot out from her scoreboards. A thunderous sound echoed through the air as the crimson light condensed into a blood-red sphere. It was a truly terrifying sight to behold.

“Two hundred and twenty thousand?” said someone with a gasp.

Everyone was rendered speechless at the high number. It was so quiet that only the sound of their heartbeat could be heard. This woman must have been a genius, otherwise it would have been impossible for her to get so many points.

“Exceptional! Truly exceptional!” cried the Academy representative as if he had discovered an invaluable treasure.

“Yes!” echoed the Master of the Grand Masters though he was not looking at the woman at all. His gaze was directed at the Ninth Prince instead. Although they were other participants from the royal family, he held the highest hopes for the Ninth Prince for he was the best out of them.

“Huh!” The Ninth Prince threw up all the scoreboards in his hand.

A thunderous roar rippled throughout the air. Immediately, a number so large was shown that it cut off the air supply of all the onlookers.

“No way!”

“There must be some mistake! Four hundred and ninety thousand?”

They all became dumbfounded. Even the previously indifferent woman was shocked.

The Ninth Price smiled arrogantly as he looked at her, he did not bother hiding the lust he felt for her. ‘She’s a beaut! No one would be able to beat my score. I’m destined to become an apprentice of The Boundless Academy. I would make her my woman then.’ the Ninth Prince thought to himself.

The onlookers’ eyes never once left the Ninth Prince, they were all so sure that he would take the first place in this Inter-city Tournament.

‘Why hasn’t Zephyr come out yet?’ wondered Bruce, with feelings of despair slowly etching its way up. Yang frowned as well as the same question Bruce had floated in his mind.