Chapter 188
“It seems like you’re in a pickle now. You and Zephyr should leave as soon as the result of the Inter-city Tournament is announced. Staying here is dangerous for the two of you now,” advised Boxer.

“Yes, that’s a wise thing to do.” Bruce let out a resigned sigh. He was happy about Zephyr’s safe arrival, but at the same time, worried about his relationship with the Ninth Price.

Zephyr fed his scoreboard with some of his blood. No one had paid any attention to him. Everyone expected low points, after all, how many points could a fighter with only the Strength of level nine actually collect?

“Your Highness, I am the mayor of Suzaku,” said a city mayor respectfully. Standing beside him was a young man who was one of the skilled fighters in the Ninth Prince’s group and also the person who had won the most points for the prince. The mayor’s intention was as clear as day.

“You’ve done well. Rest assured the city of Suzaku will be finely rewarded for your contribution in helping me become an apprentice of The Boundless Academy.”

“Congratulations, Your Highness. I am the mayor of the city of Autumn.” A group of people snaked through the arena, each vying for the Ninth Prince’s attention.

An earth-shattering, thunderous sound exploded in the air just as everyone provided their congratulations to the Ninth Prince.

“What’s happening?” The explosion had shaken everyone to their core.

“Look! What’s that?” Someone cried out from afar.

The Ninth Price quickly raised face towards the sky which was stained red with the crimson light. It was as if an Armageddon was about to occur. All the beams of light that belonged to the other fighters’ scoreboards lost their luster under this terrifying blazing light. All, except for the Ninth Prince’s.

“How is it possible for him to score two hundred and eighty thousand points?” asked someone in a hoarse voice.

“Yeah! He’s only the Strength of level nine!” No one could believe what was happening right in front of their eyes even though the stark reality blazed brightly in their faces.

“Well done!” The previously anxious Bruce became jubilant looking at Zephyr’s result. However, a good score could possibly become a threat to Zephyr’s family as it meant that he could potentially contend for the Ninth Prince’s spot in The Boundless Academy.

“How is this possible?” muttered the Ninth Prince. He clenched his fist tightly as his expression darkened. The fire in his eyes was enough to melt anyone into a puddle. “I can’t believe his score is not far off from mine. But no matter, I’m going to be an Academy apprentice which means that I’m still of a higher position than him.” However, his jealousy at Zephyr’s abominable talent was not easily quelled.

“Two hundred and eighty thousand is still far off from first place but terrifying nonetheless.”

“Rumor has it The Boundless Academy will accept one more Academy apprentice if one possesses exceptional talent.”

At the beginning, Zephyr paid no mind to the discussion that went around him. He only smiled and said, “I still have some scoreboards left.”

“No way!” The onlookers’ expressions changed drastically. They wondered if they had heard wrongly.

The next moment, another thunderous explosion shook the sky as Zephyr tossed one scoreboard after another. His total score began to rapidly climb — four hundred thousand, five hundred thousand, six hundred thousand, eight hundred thousand...

The onlookers' faces became a shade paler with each one hundred thousand increments. Finally, Zephyr’s total score stopped at one million and five hundred thousand points. The silence was so heavy from everyone’s jaws falling to the ground. There was no way a human being could possibly amass so many points by himself.

The Ninth Prince collapsed to the ground. He was so shocked that his lips had turned blue. He felt his hope of being an Academy apprentice slip through his fingers.

“Truly abominable!” said The Boundless Academy’s skilled fighters. His expression was one of boundless happiness, pleased at the fact that Zephyr had come out the clear winner of this Inter-city Tournament.

“I agree,” concurred the Master of the Grand Master happily, thinking of the glory Zephyr would bring to the kingdom.

“Zephyr Khan from Starlight is declared the winner of the Inter-city Tournament and thus will become the Academy apprentice of The Boundless Academy,” said The Academy’s representative serenely.

“Wow! That’s super awesome,” said Boxer with admiration. He then slapped Bruce on the back and threw his head back in laughter.

“He did alright,” replied Bruce humbly. In fact, he was trying to keep his emotions under control. Zephyr had surpassed his wildest imagination.

“And Savage’s…” The Academy representative listed off another ten names. “All of you did well too and have been chosen to be The Boundless Academy’s initiate with the opportunity to be promoted to an apprentice based on your performance.”

Out of the ten talented fighters, nine of them were overcome with joy when they heard their names. Boxer roared with laughter at the mention of Yang’s name. These ten talented fighters all possessed unlimited potential! They would surely be promoted to an Academy apprentice in the future.

“D*mn it!” The only talented fighter who was not happy was of course the Ninth Prince. How could he not be furious when the position that rightfully belonged to him was snatched away by Zephyr, right under his own nose?