Chapter 194
Spout was confident Zephyr would perform very well in the Inter-city Tournament and thus, wished for nothing more than his survival. It was a pity that Spout was unaware of Zephyr’s speedy return back to Starlight.

The sound of maniacal laughter coming from the Khan’s family home had reverberated through Starlight. A man wielding a sword weaved in and out of the crowd as splatters of blood rained down on the ground wherever his bladed energy passed through. That man was none other than a powerful Khan Rider.

“Away with you!” shouted Mason Khan with endless energy as he attacked the Leed fighter vehemently. He charged on like a wild beast with a giant green axe in his hand. Leo Khan also appeared with his sword in tow which he used to create waves after waves of bladed energy that came like a tsunami. The two men were followed by Umbra Khan, the strongest Khan Rider, with his phantom long whip that was already wrapped around the intruders.

The three men were the true elite Khan Riders of the Khan Clan. They tirelessly picked off the intruders one by one with their weapons and condensed true energy. They had managed to last this long thanks to the Unyielding Metal skill passed on by Zephyr. These three men had made a name for themselves as the strongest Khan Rider’s. They had superior combat power and were the pride of the Khan Clan.

“Die!” cried out Mason as he cleaved out a terrible attack with his giant axe, this sent the Leed fighters flying back. However, no matter how strong Unyielding Metal was, there were just too many intruders. The three calvaries had found themselves gasping for air from the exertion of it all as the intruders endlessly appeared.

As Leo was in a heated sword battle with one of the intruders, he heard someone speak. “It’s you! You’re the one who destroyed my clan,” shouted the intruder who seemed to be possessed by a demon, such was his hatred for Leo. Before Leo could say anything, he was saved by Umbra who fought off the intruder with his whip attacks.

“This person is probably the Zane Clan’s young master, Brandon,” said Leo calmly. Umbra did not say anything but just nodded his head.

“Yes, that’s me, Brandon Zane!” Confirmed the assailant who was left with only an arm after Umbra’s attack. “I will make you all pay for what you did to my clan! I will make Zephyr feel what I felt when my clan was destroyed by your clan!” He then charged towards Leo and Umbra with a war cry.

A bloody aura permeated the whole of Starlight as the horrifying massacre continued on. The other clans in the city chose to turn a blind eye towards the plight of the Khan Clan for they knew they could not afford to incur the wrath of the intruders.

“This is the end of the Khan Clan. We’ll end up the same way if we send backups.”

“Yes, the intruders are too powerful.”

“Actually we should be grateful to the intruders for helping us get rid of the Khan Clan. Serves them right for keeping us under their control all this while. Let’s divide their treasures once this is all over.”

Chatter amongst smaller clans could be heard all around Starlight while an endless stream of fighters rushed towards Khan’s home ground. The longer it went on, the more Linus found it harder and harder to hold them off. No matter how powerful and fearless the Khan Clan’s fighters were, they were still no match for the intruders’ overpowering number. Gradually, they were backed into a corner as more and more of their men fell. The situation was so bad for the Khan Clan that the Leed Clan could almost see victory towards the end of this battle. Knowing this, they carried on their plunder and were determined to eliminate the Khan Clan this time, once and for all.