Chapter 196
“Leed guardian, it’s him! That’s the one! That’s the one that came to destroy us! You must make him pay!” Brandon shouted. ‘Oh no!’ Spout and his men thought upon hearing Brandon’s cries. Zephyr was the only hope for the Khan. If anything were to happen to Zephyr, the future of the Khan would be grim! “Protect Zephyr!” Spout yelled to the Khan Riders. “Leave it to us!” Mason replied, ready and decisive.

Everyone went ahead to surround Zephyr. To their surprise, Zephyr showed no fear under these circumstances. He maintained a calm, yet deadly demeanor. However, he slightly faltered as he saw his grandfather, Typhoon Khan being covered in bloody wounds with shallow breathing. His grandfather looked as though he could fall any moment. The two Khan elders too were quaking, their auras were a mess, their faces were pale. Every Khan present was covered head to toe in blood, and they were all suffering from many injuries.

On the ground, many bodies lay beaten and bloody. A crimson pool spread all around the floor. At the sight of this, Zephyr became furious. He clenched his fists tightly, his bones made loud clicking noises from the pressure. “Die, Zephyr!” yelled one of the two Leed guardians. With a flick of his sleeve, his body turned into a streak of light, coming straight at Zephyr with a palm of energy. “Die!” the Zane guardian called out, with a gratifying expression.

“No!” Typhoon called out. He moved to help but was stopped in his tracks by a great force. “Protect Zephyr!” the two Khan guardians called out. Unfortunately, they were still under the grasp of the Zane elder. They could do nothing but watch.

‘He’s a goner!’ was the thought of all the fighters in Starlight, each of them turned their heads away from the sight. Zephyr would never win out against a skilled Agile. “Master!” Leah cried out, her expression was one of despair as tears started to form in her eyes.

Suddenly, a great gust of energy came forth from Zephyr. At this moment, Zephyr’s rage flared, it was more than enough to burn through the ground. Zephyr shot out his right hand, and his eyes met the gaze of the Leed guardian who came at him with such fury. In an instant, Zephyr caught hold of his wrist, sending forth the energy within. This burst of energy shook everyone and the ground.

Zephyr’s energy clashed with the Leed guardian’s, taking the shape of great ripples, pulsating throughout. “What?!” the Zane guardian called out. His expression was quickly swapped from one of satisfaction to one of disbelief. The other Leed guardian too shared the shocked expression. As the other Leed guardian, he would know the power his partner possessed — an Agile of level three. Zephyr was but a Strength of level nine, how could he have withstood the attack?

“Impossible!” the attacking Leed guardian cried out. “Hmph!” Zephyr huffed, unrelenting in his grasp of the guardian’s wrist. His eyes were cold, it emanated nothing but icy intent. The thought of his clan in such dire circumstances fueled his rage beyond suppression. “Die!” Zephyr roared, his voice was like a dragon’s. It rang throughout the whole of Starlight, struck at every fighter within, and rustled with their spirits. Zephyr was a monster.

Meeting the icy cold gaze of Zephyr, the Leed guardian felt his blood turn cold. A fear sprouted within, a sudden realization that this young man can and will kill him. Suddenly, Zephyr made a move. Zephyr tightened his grip around the guardian’s wrist, before flinging him about and into the ground like a sandbag. Zephyr raised his arm, along with the guardian, before throwing him back into the ground again. And again. And again. And again. And again…

The ground shattered beneath them, its web of cracks reached out like deathly claws. “Brother!” the other Leed guardian cried out, unbelieving of what was happening. Zephyr’s movements were too quick and he was not able to react. He could not believe a measly Strength of level nine could so easily best his brother in such a brutal fashion. He wondered if this was all a cruel nightmare. Yet, this was happening right here, right now, before his very eyes.

As it continued on, the dust kicked up, and it formed many dust clouds. On the ground, a bruised, battered, torn, and tattered body lay. It looked like a disturbing pile of mud, with no signs of life. Zephyr had mashed the Leed guardian to bits. Not a sound could be heard throughout Starlight.