Chapter 198
“He’s too strong!”

“Impossible, how could a Strength fighter contend with an Agile?! Impossible!”

The people of Starlight cried out, they could not believe what had just happened. Some only screamed, but only hollow noise came out from them. This was all almost illogical to them. Many clans were starting to regret their choices now. Had they known Zephyr was so powerful, they would have easily sided with the Khan.

“The Khan has such a powerful fighter with them. Their future is bright and steady! No one can stop them!”

“Damn it!”

Some clans felt regretful from their passiveness. However, some other clans were snided.

“Hmph, although Zephyr’s powerful, he could never defeat an Agile of level four! Soon, Zephyr will fall!”

“Indeed, an Agile of level four is enough to take on all of Starlight! The Zane guardian was just careless!”

The two combatants came to blows again as the other clans pondered on. Their battle carried on, they flew in many directions, and it destroyed the many wooden houses around.

‘He’s good!’ the Zane guardian thought, getting more and more serious with his attacks. He would not underestimate Zephyr again. His focus was all on him now, unlike before. The guardian grew warier as he fought the young Khan. The guardian was baffled as to how someone his age was able to contain such great power other than the possibility of him starting his training in his mother’s womb. ‘Unless…’ the guardian thought as he closely observed the boy.

‘Unless he had a powerful boon! A powerful secret! One which enhanced him beyond reason!’ the guardian concluded in his mind as he gave off a greedy look. He had to capture this boy, to make him talk. He wanted his secrets! “Die!” Zephyr said, striking at the opportunity when the guardian contemplated about the powers Zephyr contained.

Zephyr’s speed was at its peak. His body pumped with electricity, it was as though he himself was a streak of lightning. “Hmph, I was just testing you! Don’t think you can kill me so easily!” the guardian huffed. Suddenly, his body shook violently as he gathered the energies within. In an instant, a surge of energy exploded, blasting around.

The shockwave traveled throughout the area, it made explosions as it soared, swatting away the clouds above. The energy rolled over like a tornado in the air, enveloping Zephyr. At this moment, the combination of the Khan fighters and Starlight city guards had managed to beat back the Leeds. Even Brandon Zane had been cut down by the Khan Riders. Though, once the Khan fighters realized the sudden burst of energy, they started to worry for Zephyr once more. The battle looked to be changing tides once again. Regardless of what they did, they knew the true battle lay within the duel between Zephyr and the Zane guardian. Their duel would be able to determine who won this war. Typhoon Khan was out cold, and the Khan guardians were severely injured. They themselves knew that they could not be of any service. Spout himself looked weak and was capable of passing out any moment.

“It’s up to you, My lord!” the Khan shouted words of encouragement, putting all their hope onto Zephyr. “I respect you Zephyr; to have such great power at a young age. You are currently the greatest fighter I will face in my life!” the guardian said. “Too bad you’ll have to face me as your enemy. This ends now!” he boasted, as his energy swelled more and more. Even if the other Khan members wanted to help, they would not be allowed any closer. Even after the burst of energy from his opponent, Zephyr remained unflinching. Suddenly, Draken appeared in his hand.

With a great dragon-like roar, Zephyr unleashed his attack. A great wave of bladed energy came rushing forth, and it was bolstered by his undefeated Focus. At the same time, the three scales awakened, lending their energy to him. Zephyr had made his all-out attack! “What?!” the Zane guardian’s expression changed as he felt Zephyr’s blade come forth.

Such a frightening display of power had never been seen before. How did Zephyr acquire this amount of astounding power?

Zephyr’s Focus crushed the guardian, proving to all that Zephyr was the true winner. Suddenly, the weapons of each swordsman in Starlight started to shake violently, as if eager to meet their king. Some fighters even had trouble steadying their weapons. Once more, the two powers clashed.

“Zephyr, you’re a f*cking prodigy!”

The warriors of Starlight clamored. Zephyr was a prodigy indeed, a true prodigy. The Zane guardian’s energy continued to surge and swell, as his expression got more and more serious. He had not expected Zephyr to conjure such a powerful trump card. He felt as if Zephyr was begotten a treasure trove of energy. “Although I am curious about your power, killing you is far more important to me!” the guardian said.

Streams of light poured into his palm, forming a sword of energy. “Die!” he cried, as he formed his energy sword.