Chapter 199
“Watch out, Zephyr!” the Big Elder called out frantically. He knew what would come next, and it was a very powerful sword technique. The bladed energy came rushing over in torrential volumes, like the powerful stream of a waterfall. This energy was coming straight for Zephyr. Zephyr’s heart raced, he knew he was in for a strong attack. He did not need the Big Elder’s reminder, he could tell from the start what came next was a powerful technique.

The bladed energy came fast and sharp. It was 30 feet long, rendering the surrounding rocks and boulders into nothing but dust. The rune upon Zephyr’s forehead shone brightly, it was as though a flash of lightning had sparked. The bladed energy rolled over and consumed the place where Zephyr once stood. It did not stop there, it only stopped after everything within a hundred square feet was reduced to dust. This was not an ordinary technique.

“No!” the Khan cried out as they noticed that Zephyr had disappeared. Zephyr had been instantly killed, leaving no trace of his existence. “Hahaha…” laughed the Zane guardian maniacally, his face was red from the skill he had just used. The technique must have taken much of his energy. “Wait!” the Big Elder cried out. The Khan joined him in pleasant surprise.

A black silhouette appeared high in the air, and the black silhouette came down upon the guardian like a meteor. “What?!” the Zane guardian cried out, quickly raising his head to meet his attacker. ‘No! How did you…’ he thought, quickly gathering his energy once more. “Seventh Slash!” Zephyr cried out. Zephyr had beaten him by a step!

A dragon’s roar came, followed by a flurry of bladed energy attacks. The Seventh Slash attack from the skill Seven Slashes was unleashed upon the guardian. A storm of bladed energy rushed down upon him. As the Khan watched with hope, as the Leeds cried out in despair, Zephyr’s Slashes rained down upon them all. His attack had covered a 100 square feet area with his bladed energy. Three loud booms echoed and it rang in everyone’s ears. Zephyr’s attack looked like armageddon itself, capable of destroying all. It was greater than the Zane’s attack.

‘Did we win?’ many Khan thought as they could not decipher what had just happened. Everyone looked at Zephyr. They were uncertain of what was to come. The Zane guardian had disappeared.

“Hahaha, we won!”

“Forward, brothers!”

The Khan people were excited, they were ecstatic even. Their bloodlust grew as they rushed forward to kill their enemies. Without the protection of the Leed and Zane guardians, the remaining Leed force made a break for it. Each began to run but was quickly stopped by the city guards. The battle would end soon, and it was all thanks to Zephyr Khan.

“Lord Khan is severely wounded, and unconscious. The Khan elders are badly injured as well, they require immediate care! We have lost our greatest fighters…

“You must take the reins, My lord!”

The Khan elders quickly reported to Zephyr. Upon hearing this, Zephyr’s expression changed greatly, though his icy glare remained. “This time, the enemy came too suddenly. We were almost bested,” Linus sighed, his expression had carried great guilt. He too had lost a lot. “I must thank you! I am very grateful for your help!” Zephyr said to Linus. Were it not for the mayor’s guards’ resistance, the Khan would not have been able to last long. “Right, how are the results from this year’s Inter-city Tournament? Also, where is my father?” Linus asked. “Bruce should return soon,” Zephyr replied. “Motte!” Zephyr called out as he saw someone.

Motte Khan was wrapped in bandages as he had taken many injuries. He struggled to even stand up. “Master!” Motte rushed over, replying respectfully. Every Khan had seen Zephyr’s terrifying display of power. They all admired and respected him. “I must announce that the leadership of the Khan now falls to you!” Zephyr stated. “What! Master, what do you mean?” Motte asked frantically, his expression changed just as much. He did not know why Zephyr would make such a decision.

“Bruce should return soon. You must take care of the Khan, if you need any pills, go to Skyfall,” Zephyr replied. “But…” Motte uttered, he wanted to decline, but he knew Zephyr had his reasons for doing so. “Lewis!” Zephyr called once more. “Yes, master!” Lewis approached, battered and bloody. On his face was a look of utter admiration. As he stood before Zephyr, he said, “Master, from my interrogation, I have concluded that this attack came from the Zanes, some Sun remnants, and the Leeds, as well as… the Ninth Prince.”