Chapter 200
Upon finishing his sentence, Lewis’ expression changed. An Ahi Royal had made a move against a small, insignificant clan. He could not understand why. “Master, we have no beef with the Ahi, why did they…”

Zephyr waved his hand, signifying he did not want Lewis to press further. However, his expression was even direr now, an icy aura emanated from him. The Khan had lost over a hundred men in this fight. It was a horrible, terrible loss! He expected no less from the Zanes, Suns, and Leeds, but from the Ninth Prince? He did not expect him to interject as well. Zephyr’s hatred for him grew more than it could ever have.

He turned his gaze to Motte. “You must take care of the Khan!” he commanded, his fists clenched. “Master, what are you planning to do?” Motte asked as he felt Zephyr’s intense energy buildup. Everyone present did. He had asked the question everyone dared not ask. “Hmph!” Zephyr huffed. He did not answer, he only left a trail of dust as he sped away. Before long, an ear-piercing screech came as he mounted his cloud-piercing Eagle, flying away. “There!!” Zephyr commanded, his eyes set upon the Ahi Dynasty.

Before long, a loud rumbling could be heard. ‘A Dragonboat?’ the Khan thought as they watched it descend from the skies. Their eyes widened at the sight. “Father’s back!” Linus said as he rushed forward. He knew he had to report what had happened to Bruce. “Father!” he cried out, noticing Bruce Starr among the few that exited the Dragonboat. Linus quickly reported what transpired to Bruce. “What? Even the Ninth Prince was involved?” Frederick said, shocked. He shivered slightly. ‘Is Zephyr going to…’ he thought, as he looked to where Zephyr had gone. His heart raced, and his breathing became difficult. It would seem that the Ninth Prince was the source of this conspiracy. When Zephyr rushed off to the royal capital, it would only mean one thing.

“No!” Bruce exclaimed when he realized Zephyr’s intentions. He was shocked to his core. “Quick! We must stop him! We mustn't let him act irrationally!” Bruce commanded. Even Frederick was spewing commands, equally as frantic. “Go! Go! Go! We must stop Zephyr!”

The two of them were worried wrecks, they quickly returned into the Dragonboat. Zephyr had dared to demand an explanation from the royals? What brazen foolishness! That was the thought of everyone as they watched the Dragonboat depart.

Zephyr pushed his Cloud-piercing Eagle on as it soared through the air. They moved fast, almost like black lightning. Fury built up within Zephyr, though his calm expression would not betray his thoughts. He was full of anger and hatred. The Inter-city Tournament had ended, he had become enrolled in The Boundless Academy. Anyone who came after the Khan would have to answer to The Boundless Academy. The Ninth Prince knew he had become an Academy initiate, yet continued on with his attack. This was a challenge, an insult to the Khan!

‘Even if you are a prince, even if you are enrolled into the Academy, I will never stop! You will reap what you sow!’ Zephyr thought. “Faster!” he commanded, prodding his ride with his energy. It roared once more before increasing its speed. As it flew, a low rumble echoed throughout the sky continuously. Many fighters within the many cities Zephyr flew over were shocked to see a shadowy figure dart across the sky. All of them wondered who on earth was that, to command such power.

“Hahaha, that kid’s great! He did not disappoint, no siree!” boasted Boxer, enjoying a hearty meal with his comrades. Boxer’s laughter was insufferable, but no one dared retort. Beside him stood Yang, indifferent as always. Though, his annoyed expression gave hint that he was used to Boxer’s obnoxious laughter. “Oh, I heard about a boy from Starlight, Zephyr, he was pretty good too. It would seem that you owe him your life!” Boxer continued, “Who knew he had such power! It would seem he’ll be the one looking out for you after your enrollment!” Boxer laughed.

Suddenly, a quake could be felt in the air. Although it was a weak signature, Boxer and Yang could feel it. ‘Eh?’ the two thought as they stood shaking for a moment balancing themselves. They quickly stood up instinctively once it was over. “This is Zephyr’s aura!” Yang said as he noticed the silhouette in the sky. “Indeed, but why is he here? And so hastily too?” Boxer noted. ‘His energy was rife. I think he even has some killing intent! What is he up to?’ Yang thought, catching on with his sharp senses. “We must follow him!” Boxer said without hesitation.

In the air, an Ahi Dragonboat could be seen moving along at a frightening speed. Within it, gathered a few people as they sat cross-legged on the floor, resting. They were The Boundless Academy organizers of the Inter-city Tournament!