Chapter 202
In an instant, the royal guards raised their weapons as they kept their gaze on Zephyr. Were he to make any sudden moves, they would not hesitate to protect the royals here. “Zephyr! Do not jest!” a Master commanded. Many were sharing his displeased expression. They were utterly annoyed at Zephyr’s actions. After all, they were often respected and revered, not disrespected and ignored like right now. “Me? Jest?” Zephyr spoke as he flashed a small smile. He turned his icy gaze towards the Masters, head intentions of teasing them! “You guys don’t even know what happened, do you? And yet here you are, blaming me! You old farts!”

The fact that the Masters had not bothered investigating the reason for his arrival, then immediately putting the blame on him, signified that they were clearly protecting the Ninth Prince. “How dare you!” The Masters reacted aggressively, they could not accept Zephyr’s blatant disrespect. “I guess only our fists can do the talking, eh?” the prince teased. Seeing the sly smile on the prince’s face fueled Zephyr with more anger, his hatred for the pince had increased more than it could have.

In an instant, a flash of draconic energy came into being.


“How dare you!”

No one had expected Zephyr to raise a weapon to fight. In reality, no one had really given the boy any thought, even though he was an Academy apprentice. After all, he was just a Strength of level nine. Many believed Zephyr’s collected points were more on luck, than on raw power. Only the Ninth Prince knew the true story, only he knew how powerful Zephyr truly was. How capable he was when battling Agiles, it could sum to even killing Agiles of level three. Though, he did not believe Zephyr was capable of taking on the five Grand Masters. This was because they were all Agiles of level four! In the Agility level, the differences between each sub-level was night and day!

Suddenly, Zephyr stepped off his mount and launched himself forward with Draken in his hand. This movement clearly showed that he was ready to kill the prince. No one had expected Zephyr to move at all. This was the palace after all! The palace that held the five Grand Masters! Not even an Agile would dare act irrationally here, much less a young, Strength of level nine peasant like Zephyr!

The Masters were unable to react in time. It was not until Zephyr was close that they were able to react.

“How dare you Zephyr!”

“Protect the prince!’

The five commanded at once.

The prince stood there, stunned and scared. He had never expected Zephyr to ever attack. He thought Zephyr would fear the Masters just like the rest. Though Zephyr had proven otherwise. When he finally processed the action, Zephyr had already enveloped him in bladed energy.

‘No!’ The five Masters all thought simultaneously as they rushed over to help. They intended to stop a bloody mess, but alas, they were too late. “Zephyr, you can’t kill me! You will be punished!” the Ninth Prince cried out in fear. He was scared. He was afraid. He knew that Zephyr would not hesitate to kill him. Even a royal would fear the day he died.

“Stop! Zephyr!” a roar came, followed by Boxer. They had just arrived when Zephyr launched himself at the prince. Boxer’s grimace was heavy, Zephyr’s actions were too much for him. That was the Ahi Dynasty prince after all! Even though Zephyr was an apprentice now, this should have never warranted him to behave this way! If Zephyr killed the prince, he would have made a very, very powerful enemy.

Regardless, Zephyr brushed off Boxer’s orders and continued on with his attack. However, Zephyr’s pause was enough to allow for a great change in the tide. The five Masters quickly capitalized on the opportunity, sending forth a great wave of energy to block Zephyr’s attack. Their energies met in a loud boom, sending a shockwave throughout. Every fighter in the palace turned their gaze towards them when they felt the sudden surge of energy.

Debris of all sorts was sent flying everywhere. In everyone’s disbelief, Zephyr had backtracked ten steps or so. Draken dropped to the ground, a great crack forming on its body. As the dust dissipated, only the five Masters remained, faces full of anger as they stood there protecting the Ninth Prince.

“Zephyr Khan! You are now an enemy of the state!”

No matter how powerful and special Zephyr was, he would not be so easily forgiven for his treachery.