Chapter 203
Zephyr had suffered from the earlier scuffle. It could be shown in the streaks of fresh blood that trailed from his lips. The five Agiles’ combined attack had badly wounded him. If he were weaker, he would have died. However, Zephyr did not give up. He eyed the Ninth Prince with killing intent. He would not rest until the Ninth Prince was dead.

Zephyr sighed, he brandished his sword once more, gripping it tighter. The people around could only wonder as to why Zephyr was so ferocious, so angry. They held their breaths as they observed the event unfold.

The royal guards managed to arrive on time and surrounded the area. They blocked all entry and exit points. Not even Boxer and Yang were given an opportunity to leave. “Damn it, what’s happening? Where is Bruce?” Boxer asked, a face full of worry.

“Never would I have expected a Strength of level nine to match our might! You are more than you are made out to be, Khan. However, your behavior has rightly angered us. You must pay for your transgressions!” a Master called out loudly as his fellow four Masters moved their heads in agreement behind him. They launched a follow-up attack that sent a roaring flame towards Zephyr.

The combined strength of four Agiles was impossible to imagine. The attack forced back those who were not equipped to handle such might.

“If you want a fight, fight there!” Zephyr said, expressionless. Once he finished speaking, he raised his sword and rushed off into the distance. “How dare he!” a Master called out. He rolled up his sleeves, conjured streams of energy, and swiped it at Zephyr. Zephyr met his attack with Draken, causing a great metal ring to echo.

The two of them were sent back by a few steps, before coming back to blows again. “This guy’s trouble! He’s good, too good!” Boxer said, wide-eyed as he observed the battle. Even he knew he did not have the strength to contend with the four Masters, and he was an Agile of level three! Although it was but a level’s difference, the actual difference in power was night and day. Boxer did not have confidence in winning should he engage any of the Masters.

“No wonder he became an Academy apprentice! This power’s too miraculous!”

“Indeed, Zephyr’s fighter status is just a Strength and he’s so strong!”

“What power! There’s no one that could contend with him!”

As everyone debated on the power both parties exuded, no one noticed a great warship descending from the sky. Within it was the Academy elders and warriors, all observing Zephyr from a distance. “Elder, should we intervene?” an Academy warrior asked. “Indeed master, although Zephyr has offended the Ahi Dynasty, he is still one of us; an apprentice. How can we sit by and watch him be bullied like this?” another chimed in.

“Not just yet! I want to see just how many surprises can Zephyr give us,” the elder said calmly. His eyes carried curiosity and compliments…

Zephyr suddenly vanished, which was helped by his electrical powers. The Master could not react as Zephyr reappeared right before him out of thin air. In an instant, a stream of bladed energy rushed over. “No!” the Agile said as he attempted to raise his left hand to block the attack. “Out of my way!” Zephyr roared, the rune upon his forehead shined brightly. As electrical energy ran through his veins, Zephyr could see and feel almost any minuscule movement, as if time had slowed down a notch. He pulled out his sword and his blade looked like lightning. In this state, his opponent’s movements were sluggish and slow.

Zephyr flashed his weapon, continuing in his attack. “No!” another Master said, quickly summoning his energies to overpower Zephyr. “Don’t you dare!” he yelled, as a wave of energy drowned the Master. Another screeching boom could be heard as Zephyr’s blade blocked the drowned Master’s attempted attack.

It was a great attack, one which Zephyr’s energy could not overcome that well. “How dare he!” the defending Master said as he observed the bladed energy. Suddenly, his expression changed from one of worry to one of deadly intent. Were it not for his partner’s intervention, he would be gravely wounded! What shame that would bring, to be wounded by a measly Strength of level nine!

“Die, Zephyr!” the Master roared. He displayed an array of energy attacks, each as sharp as a knife. This sudden display of power was terrible, were Zephyr to be struck, he would no doubt be gravely injured, even if he had The Way of the Dragon’s help. There was a possibility of death from this attack!