Chapter 204
When Zephyr came to the palace, he had not wished to kill this person. However, Zephyr’s rage built up at the sight of his opponent’s mercilessness. Especially so now when the man he intended to kill watched on in glee!

“Take my unbeatable Focus!” Zephyr said through gritted teeth. He waved his sword, calling upon his bladed energy manifold over.


Everyone present was shocked at such a display of power.

“This is Focus of the Blade!”

“Absolutely terrifying!”

“Damn it, he has Focus! Stay back!”

The Masters’ expression changed, quickly warning the others. However, it was too late. Zephyr’s skill was too overpowering, so much so that his opponent could not defend against it. It was but a second’s effort as Zephyr’s bladed energy engulfed his opponent’s energy. Soon, it found its way towards the Master’s body.

“Stop!” an old voice rang. Zephyr felt his whole body start to slow down after. ‘Who is this?!’ he thought, as he felt his body be paralyzed. A strong power waved over. A strong fighter had appeared. His presence had been announced. Zephyr wondered if the strongest Master had appeared. Only he could have wielded such an impossible power.

“Away!” Zephyr shouted. Regardless, Zephyr would not retreat under such pressure. He picked up Draken, hoping to continue with his attack. A terrible scream could be heard as the Master’s arms were sliced off, his blood spewed out of his corpse. However, Zephyr too was struck by the Master’s energy. It hit him square in the chest.

Zephyr spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, feeling a pain unlike any other. He retreated quickly after. Though, he struggled to keep on his feet. He had taken a great blow. Following this, a silhouette showed itself, and it resembled lightning. He quickly rushed to the dying Master, quickly pressing upon his pressure points, stopping the blood flow. He then glared at Zephyr.

Zephyr was right, it was the Master of the Masters. He was angry. Truly, truly enraged. “Hmph, Zephyr Khan! You’re bold! How dare you come to the palace, causing trouble!” the Master exclaimed. When he looked at his armless partner once more, his anger had further intensified. He was an Agile of level five, a treasured personnel of the Dynasty. Not even the princes’ was as important as he. How could he not be enraged?

“Zephyr Khan! Your enrollment into the Boundless Academy as an apprentice is one of glory and respect, even I bow to thee!” he said. “But your current actions are inexcusable! You have crippled an Ahi Grand Master. No matter how powerful you are, you must pay! Explain yourself!” the Master demanded. His tone was icy cold, and his eyes carried rage. The energy he emitted was unbelievably heavy, intimidating everyone around.

“Elder, Zephyr is no match for Master Shaun Lee. Should we intervene?” an Academy apprentice asked. Shaun Lee was the Master of Masters. “Fret not now. Let’s give it a moment,” the Elder replied. His curiosity towards Zephyr peaked, showing a smile on his face. “A powerful Focus, agile techniques, and a strong body. I want to see what else Zephyr has in store for us,” he continued on. Although the techniques Zephyr had displayed were rightly amazing, the Elder felt as though Zephyr had more to offer.

Zephyr picked up his sword, running it against the ground; scarring it as he walked forward. He was extremely calm, but he maintained his icy glare. No one had bothered to investigate nor ask why he was doing this. It seemed to Zephyr, that the royal dignity was far more important than anything else, even if the Khan were almost destroyed. Had he not returned sooner, there would be no pieces of evidence left!

However, Zephyr felt that even with evidence, it would not change much. He thought about his swapped out pendant back at the Tournament. He was confident it was an Ahi act. This meant the Ahi worked in the shadows for their own benefit. This also means that the Ahi only cared for themselves, they would never bat an eye at the troubled citizens.

‘So this is what counts for royalty, huh?’ Zephyr thought as his rage built up within him. The smug look of indifference on the Ninth Prince and Shaun Lee’s face had only added oil to Zephyr’s flame. “I will not hesitate to quell a rowdy prodigy who has no respect for the royals!” Shaun said coldly, his anger imminent.

“Hahaha…” Zephyr laughed. “Quell? You mean kill, right? Good luck!” he continued. “Damn it! Why’d he have to go and piss off Shaun Lee!” Boxer said, frowning. His clenched fists expressed his worry. “Damn it all!” Yang said. Even he could not suppress his displeasure towards the royals. However, what everyone found strange was Zephyr’s ability to laugh under such circumstances. What did he want from this?