Chapter 206
“That’s enough for you!” Shaun shouted, his body suddenly started shining. In an instant, he was in front of Zephyr. ‘What speed!’ Zephyr thought. He was getting serious. As Shaun came at him, he brought a punch along with him, one filled with rolling energy, its mass was akin to a small hill. Zephyr’s long hair went flying back, his body had adapted itself to take on this blow, his muscles contracted and solidified.

“Elder, Zephyr could never defend against this attack, it’s much too strong!” an Academy apprentice spoke. The Elder sighed, he had hoped for more out of Zephyr, though it would seem that the boy was at his limit. Though, he did admire Zephyr’s ability to fend off against an Agile of level five.

“Die!” Shaun said, his eyes bore daggers. He was going to kill Zephyr right then and there, there was no doubt about that. However, as Shaun’s fist landed on Zephyr’s body, the Khan gave a small chuckle. The rune on his forehead glowed with blue sparks, before exploding in a burst of electrical energy. Following a loud screech, a great flash of lightning rained down from above before Zephyr, surrounding him. “Seventh Slash!” he called out, brandishing his swordskill once more.

However, this time he did not rely on his Unbeatable Focus alone, it had the strength of lightning intertwined! A powerful, unbeatable attack! His bladed energy was unrivalled now! Not even Shaun Lee could hide his shock and awe at this sudden blast of electrical energy. Suddenly, a wave of numbness came up from Shaun’s fist, locking him in place. Although it was a split second’s reaction, Zephyr’s sharp senses picked up on it.

Although Zephyr had yet to master his electrical abilities, it was enough to give him some space against Shaun’s assault. Zephyr raised his right leg, producing a powerful kick that was augmented by his powers. With a sudden crack of lightning, Zephyr had delivered a kick so powerful it sent Shaun flying backward. It was quite a sight for those watching. No one could understand how powerful Zephyr’s kick was, no one apart from Shaun himself.

“Hmph!” huffed Shaun, and icy glare enveloped his face. Even at his level, Shaun found himself struggling to withstand Zephyr’s kick. His whole body now shivered from the blow. It was a powerful kick indeed, one that affected him greatly. The others too had shared Shaun’s expression of wonder, awe, and confusion. Their mouths wide and agape. Some of the Masters were even on their knees, shivering from the attack. Had Zephyr really just sent Shaun Lee flying back with a kick?

“Hahaha…” the Academy Elder laughed, still situated in the sky above. While he laughed, the apprentices could only watch in awe. “Zephyr Khan, you sure are full of surprises! Good! Good!” the Elder commended. Initially, he wanted to help, but was quickly taken aback by Zephyr’s counterattack. It was a surprise, but not an unwelcome one.

Seeing the electricity surge around Zephyr, it made the Elder look on with wonder. ‘This electrical energy isn’t particularly powerful, not at Zephyr’s current level anyway. Though, once his level and station improves, it would no doubt be a unique and powerful technique!’ the Elder thought.

However, Shaun Lee was absolutely livid. He had been too careless earlier. He had not expected such a blast of energy from the young Khan. This attack had humiliated him. “Zephyr Khan! I will kill you! You will die today!” he roared. In an instant, Zephyr could feel the air around him solidify once more. Before he could react, a great gust of energy came and enveloped around him. Zephyr quickly scanned his surroundings, and he found the Ninth Prince — named Aiden Lee — running away . It would seem that he had finally started to fear Zephyr Khan. Aiden, who was the Ninth Prince, was very thankful to have Shaun by his side.

If it were not for Shaun’s appearance, he doubted the other Masters would have been able to halt Zephyr’s attack. Suddenly, a wave of energy gushed forward, charging towards Zephyr. A powerful blow was on its way towards Zephyr!