Chapter 207
Shaun was absolutely livid. He had no more reason to hold back, he unleashed the full scales of his power. An Agile of level five was a terrible foe to have! Facing Shaun’s full-on attack, Zephyr had no chance of defending himself. He was about to be turned into a sandbag and be abused by Shaun.

As the blows came and went, Zephyr could only cough up mouthful after mouthful of blood. His body was stricken in such an unimaginable pain that he wondered if his bones were being turned into powder. A loud crack was heard as Shaun’s right fist landed right atop Zephyr’s head, forcing him into the ground. The great power that followed even made a large ditch erupt out of it. “Hmph!” Shaun huffed as he slowly approached the ditch. He had a cold expression. That strike was enough to cripple Zephyr. Shaun planned to finish him, right then, right there

Zephyr continued to spit out mouthfuls of blood. Shaun’s attack was too powerful, and it severely damaged his insides. ‘So, this is the power of an Agile of level five, huh?’ Zephyr thought with a weary smile. Shaun evidently possessed powers beyond the average Agility of level five. ‘I can’t lose! Aiden Lee, the Ninth Prince, is still not dead! If I die here, the Khan would be wiped out!’ Zephyr started to get up upon reaching this conclusion in his head. Though his body was too weak, there was not enough energy left in him. ‘Damn it! Is this really it then?’ Zephyr thought through gritted teeth.

“Zephyr, you truly are a prodigy. If you had a few more years to train, you could definitely beat me! How unfortunate that you have decided to make an enemy of the Ahi. You leave me no choice but to destroy this threat, which is you, for the Dynasty!” Shaun spoke coldly. Zephyr could only feel annoyed at Shaun’s ridiculous claims.

Suddenly, the rune upon his forehead started to move. ‘What?!’ Zephyr thought upon feeling this. He flashed a look of pleasant surprise. “No! This is not the end! Now!”

A small roar came, Zephyr’s scales had heard the call of his rune, and proceeded to flash brightly. Zephyr suddenly stood up at the roar of a dragon. “Impossible!” Shaun thought as he saw Zephyr rise from the ditch as if nothing had happened. He should be crippled by now! How did he still have some energy?

“It would seem I really underestimated you Zephyr! However, no matter how much you resist, you will inevitably fall!” Shaun said, before vanishing into thin air. In an instant, Shaun once again appeared before Zephyr, emanating a powerful aura.

‘Oh? The boy still has some energy left?’ the Academy Elder thought with a look of surprise that was plastered on his face. Zephyr really was full of surprises. The Elder had already conjured his energy and was ready to assist should any danger befall Zephyr.

Sparks of lightning quickly flashed around Zephyr’s body, before he vanished into thin air. In an instant, Zephyr appeared once more with the company of a burst of lightning as he floated in the sky. ‘He’s fast!’ Shaun thought, staring in awe. “What’s he trying to do?” everyone whispered to each other as they noticed Zephyr’s odd behavior. Even if Zephyr lost here, he would already be called a legend among the fighters for contending with Shaun Lee for this long.

‘Is he trying to escape? No, it can’t be that!’ Shaun thought, trying hard to figure out what was Zephyr’s next move. Try as he might, no one would be able to figure out what went on in Zephyr’s mind. Within Zephyr’s spirit realm, the divine weapon had been conjured once more, this time almost fully corporeal. ‘I must obtain it now!’ Zephyr thought within, conjuring all his might to comprehend the weapon. The divine weapon did not react at first, though it did start to emanate streams of powerful energy…

“What is this boy up to now?” the Elder wondered. Although he was not too familiar with Zephyr, he knew that the boy was not a coward. He was certain the boy would not flee. No matter how hard Zephyr tried, he would be hard-pressed to escape from an Agile of level five.