Chapter 208
“What’s he up to?” Shaun wondered endlessly. He could feel a different sense of energy that was emanating from the boy. ‘No, I need to nip this in the bud!’ he thought, his uneasiness brewed on and on as time went by. Although he knew that no matter what, Zephyr Khan would not defeat him, he knew that he should not let the boy continue like this!

In the air, Zephyr floated. He slowly rose as he breathed, reaching heights of 300 feet. He was a bloody mess, yet he carried a calm smile on his face. ‘He’s still smiling?!’ the fighters below thought, absolutely gobsmacked. ‘How can he still smile at such a time like this?’ Boxer thought, his expression wild.

Zephyr closed his arms together, the electricity around him following suit, closing in on him. Suddenly, a great crack of thunder burst in the sky. It sounded as though a herd of horses were galloping by, their steps were thunderous and foreboding. ‘What’s happening?’ Everyone had similar thoughts at the sight of such an extensive show of force. Even Aiden Lee carried a wary look. He could not help but shout, “This kid’s trouble! He’s got a curse! You must kill him quickly!” Upon hearing Aiden’s cries, Shaun frowned a bit. How dare he be ordered around by a measly prince like this?

However, he did not linger on the thought too much as he quickly shot up into the sky towards Zephyr. ‘Heh, you’re too late!’ Zephyr thought, not a glimmer of fear shown as he watched Shaun rise up to him. In fact, his smile seemed all the more bright. He had finally conjured the divine weapon within his spirit realm.

The weapon felt as though it could shatter both the Earth and sky. Within it, streams of lightning pulsated throughout, emitting a terrible aura.

Right as Shaun got closer, the electricity around Zephyr’s body exploded in all directions. Streams of energy and lightning covered the sky, it was as though a pool of lighting had formed in mid-air. After it was formed, it immediately rushed towards Shaun. “What’s this!” the Elder exclaimed. He had intended to help, but was now taken aback once more, so much so that the energy within was hard to control.

At that moment, the sky had formed into a sea of lightning. Raging and unquelling. Every fighter below could only stare in awe at Zephyr above. It looked like Zephyr had transcended manhood, turning into a deity of sorts, controlling the electricity around.

With the sound of a thunderous boom, the electricity gathered in Zephyr’s hands had formed into a spear. Its body was riddled with runes. “Lightning Spear!” Zephyr commanded, naming the Divine Spear he had successfully comprehended in his spirit realm. “Go!”

‘What is this!’ Shaun thought frantically as he saw the conjured weapon. A sudden wave of fear had struck him, it was as if he could feel a weird sensation pick up in his own spirit realm. “No!” Shaun screamed, quickly retreating.

Alas, Zephyr had begun his ruthless attacks. He grabbed the divine weapon that had energies which surged like no other. The fighters below gasped for air, they felt as though breathing had become a chore. “What in the Hell is this boy using? How could he have managed to achieve and control such terrible electricity?” the Academy Elder wondered, face full of surprise and disbelief.