Chapter 209
’I need to get away!’ Shaun thought, making a decision. He quickly fled, with a face full of terror. His speed was as swift as the wind when he glided back towards the ground. He could feel the ostentatious power of the spear. Alas, Shaun was too late to escape!

“How about you taste this!” Zephyr screamed, as the Spear shot out like a stream of lighting, and spiraled towards Shaun Lee. Zephyr knew that Shaun Lee could have killed him earlier if he was weaker. Which was why Zephyr was not taking any chances with him. Even if Shaun was a loyal officer of the court, Zephyr would not show any mercy to him. If they were to battle, he would take it to the end!

The Lightning Spear shot through the sky like a bolt of lightning towards Shaun, constantly screeching and pulsating with electricity. Its lightning-fast speed was too much for Shaun, and he knew it would soon find its target. “No!!” Shaun cried, feeling the weapons approach. “No! Run away!” the Elder screamed out suddenly. Alas, it was too late.

“Die!” Zephyr spat. At that moment, a great power exploded throughout the sky with a deafening boom, shaking both land and sky. It sent out countless shockwaves throughout the capital, and it sent rocks and debris flying everywhere. Some royal guards were even swept off their feet from this attack. They were not even able to cry for help before getting engulfed in an electrifying fury. It felt as though the capital was about to crumble under the intense electrifying power, as though a god himself had come down and struck the royal seat.

Countless cracks began to scar the land in blazes of electricity, spanning hundreds if not thousands of feet. Watching the scene, even the sky itself was not spared from such a devastating attack. This was also true for the Academy warship as it took a few hits when it began to descend downwards. If it were not for the Elder’s earlier command to leave, the warship would no doubt be vaporized.

What power! What terrible power!

All the fighters below had no words. They could only stare in awe. Zephyr’s Lightning Spear was an ultimate weapon, capable of felling any foe. Its power left all the fighters shook where they stood. “There is no match for this kid!” Boxer gasped, staring at Zephyr wide-eyed. Even the usually calm and indifferent Yang could not hide his surprised expression. Was this truly the power of a Strength of level nine?

“This kid’s… scary!” the Elder gasped. Even he would need to be careful around Zephyr Khan!

Finally, things started to settle. It came and went with the strong currents that came from the wind. All that remained was Zephyr and his opponent, the former still floated in midair. He was weary, the attack earlier had demanded too much of him, he could not sustain it for longer. His opponent, Shaun Lee, could barely keep himself up too.

Shaun looked worse for wear. He was drenched in blood with a body that constantly shook and squirted blood. In his eyes were fear. Had he not escaped earlier, he would have fallen then and there. ‘Since when did fighters with Strengths of level nine command such power!’ he thought as he stared uneasily at Zephyr. He could not wrap his head around this concept at all. Though, he was sure that Zephyr had used too much energy. Even a commoner would have no trouble killing him now.

‘Damn it! I didn’t kill him!’ Zephyr thought, sighing. He had no energy left. If it were not for his strong willpower, he would not be standing afloat in the air right now. “Die, Zephyr!” a voice shouted from afar. It was Aiden Lee, the Ninth Prince! He was still alive!

Aiden too was drenched in blood, though he carried a sly smile. He came after Zephyr with a palm attack filled with his newly conjured energy. He came too suddenly, and Zephyr was unable to react.