Chapter 210
“That b*stard!” the Elder huffed, before vanishing from the boat. ‘Am I really going to be struck down by this c*r?’ Zephyr thought as he felt Aiden approach him. “Away with you!” an angry voice appeared, echoing throughout the palace. A large wave of energy waved over and forced itself upon Aiden’s body. The Academy Elder had appeared and streams of energy emanated from him. He was very furious. “Sir, I…” Aiden frantically spoke after the Elder appeared. It was clear that he was afraid.

Suddenly, Aiden was sent flying with mouthfuls of blood, along with a fear-stricken face. “Hmph, how dare you harm my apprentice!” the Elder demanded, he stared Shaun Lee down with a piercing look. If looks could kill, Shaun Lee would have been six feet underground right now. “Thank you, Elder!” Zephyr gasped a word of appreciation. Were it not for the Elder, Aiden would have no trouble killing him.

“You’re an Academy apprentice, it is as expected. Please, allow me to take over. Let’s all know what grievances you have with Aiden Lee,” the Elder said. “I want to know what excuses they have for hurting one of us!” He continued loudly.

Zephyr nodded as he turned his gaze to Aiden. He did not bother to hide his killing intent. “From the beginning, the Inter-city Tournament was rigged!” Zephyr began. “As an Ahi Prince, Aiden conspired against me in the Land of Despair! I’m not sure how he did it, but he swapped out my rescue pendant with a common stone!”

Hearing this, the expressions of the fighters around changed. This world was one of self-respect and pride, with the most powerful fighters receiving both. No one liked a conspirator. They were naturally disappointed in Aiden. Even Shaun carried a look of contempt towards him.

“Even so, I didn’t care. Though you knew I had become an Academy initiate, yet you still sent a militia to Starlight to destroy my clan! If it were not for my hasty return, I doubt my clan would have survived!” Zephyr said loudly. This time, his killing intent was for all to see.

Even the other fighters showed great disdain towards Aiden as they finally realized why Zephyr would be so willing to take the fight to the royals. It was understandable that Aiden Lee’s actions were inexcusable. Even Shaun himself could not hide his shame and disappointment. Aiden had single-handedly made the royals an enemy of Zephyr Khan. What kind of a price was this?

Zephyr’s potential was limitless, and here he stood, not as a friend, but as an enemy! They had even lost an Agile of level four — a Grand Master because of this! All this because Aiden, the Ninth Prince, was a sore loser?

Right as everyone’s anger reached a boiling point, Aiden dropped to his knees and begged. “Zephyr, I’m sorry. I really am! It’s all my fault! I was too caught up in it all! Please forgive me, please! I’m only human!”

Seeing Aiden come to this point, left everyone in shock. He was a prince after all, for him to choose to kneel and beg, was basically humiliating to the entire Ahi Dynasty. Even Shaun could not hide his shame and contempt. He had tried to save the royals’ dignity, but now, through Aiden’s actions, were all for naught.