Chapter 213
“Heh, this kid,” Zephyr said, then he laughed. Leah had found someone that loved her dearly. He was relieved. He had viewed Leah as his own younger sister. He was glad there was someone else that protected her. “Has anything happened to the Khan while I was away?” Zephyr asked. “Master, you’d find that our clan is now one of the greats in the Ahi Dynasty! After your powerful display at the palace, and your objective results from the Inter-city Tournament, many people or groups of power have come to form relations with us! Some were even from bigger cities as well…” Lewis said excitedly. He reported the current Khan status to the minute detail.

The Khan have grown way beyond Zephyr’s expectations in these two months. This clan was now considered a great clan. Upon hearing the Khan’s stability, Zephyr felt more relieved. In his previous life, Zephyr was unable to take care of his clan. However, now, he vowed to do all he could to ensure the Khan’s future. “How’s our Khan Riders doing?” Zephyr asked, thinking of his personally trained militia. “Although they were badly hurt before, they quickly regained their strength with the help from Skyfall. They’re all currently on Zane grounds,” Lewis reported.

After the defeat of the Zanes, their treasures had been looted by the Khan. ‘Zane grounds, huh?’ Zephyr thought, nodding. “Let’s have a look, shall we?” he asked. They arrived at the Zane fort quickly after. “Master, you’re alive?!” a Khan Rider exclaimed. He was posted at the gates, keeping watch. Once he saw Zephyr, he let out a yelp of surprise. “Yes, I am surprised?” Zephyr replied, smiling. “What have you found from this place?” he asked.

“We have searched the fort up and down, but there’s nothing of note. Though, we did discover something recently,” the Khan Rider answered. “Oh? May I take a look?” Zephyr replied. He nodded curiously before entering. “Master, your powers have once again grown!” a Khan Rider exclaimed after witnessing Zephyr enter the scene. “Indeed, he is a prodigy after all! As long as he’s here, the Khan will never stop growing!” another chimed in.

Everyone cheered upon Zephyr’s arrival.



As Zephyr entered the fort, Mason Khan and his company were there to immediately greet him with arms wide open. They all stood together and greeted him loud and proudly. Their happiness towards his recovery was on full display.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Please, tell me, what have you found?” Zephyr asked, smiling. “Heh heh, it would seem that we’ve found the Zane nest!” Leo Khan said with an air of mystery. “Oh?” Zephyr wondered. “Indeed, please master, follow us,” Mason Khan said with vigor, gesturing for Zephyr to follow.

They entered a strange building, one that was old and dilapidated. As if it had been abandoned for a long time. It was because of its appearance that Mason and his company did not search through this place properly. Once they entered the building, a gust of moldy pungency wafted over. Zephyr did not care about that though, focusing his attention on a cave mouth.

“There’s a hidden room there. If it weren’t for Umbra’s diligence, we would never have discovered it,” Mason sighed. Umbra Khan was a silent, dutiful and careful man. He was very observant when it came to noticing the tiniest details. “Good work. Let’s go investigate this place,” Zephyr commended and commanded.

The space within the cave was wide. It had a pathway that was lit by lanterns and was fairly well lit. As they turned a corner, a huge door greeted them. Mason, being the wild bull he was, immediately went to kick down the door. His act made Leo and the rest of his company laugh. Though, they were quickly silenced by shock.

Within the room, many gems and treasures glistened. The room was filled with gold, silver, and all sorts of valuable decorum. There was even some exquisite weaponry. “These things are worth ten times the things we recovered earlier!” Mason exclaimed. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

However, Zephyr cared little for the weapons and treasures. He ignored the shiny valuables and walked towards a nearby bookshelf, observing the old books stacked next to each other. “Heartbreaker? Blue Blade…” Zephyr sighed, they were all great techniques. ‘If I’m not wrong, this must be where the Zane guardian kept to himself. I doubt even the other Zanes knew of this place, otherwise, they would’ve learned these techniques as quickly as they could,’ Zephyr thought. “Wow, these books weren’t even taken care of, I bet they would crumble at the slightest touch!” Zephyr said confidently.

Had the Zanes learned these techniques and used the great weapons here, they would no doubt be a powerhouse. Were that to happen, even Zephyr and his Riders would have great trouble defeating the Zanes. “Get some men to copy these techniques down,” Zephyr commanded.

The room was not well ventilated, which ensured the safety of the book. However, if they were brought out, they would probably crumble within seconds.