Chapter 214
“Yes sir!” the men replied. Once more, Zephyr laid his eyes on the books, his gaze rested on one of them. The book was covered in a layer of dust and was made of bamboo. It looked unique. “Thunderfoot?” Zephyr muttered as he opened the book, reading its contents. A wave of excitement washed over him. He excitedly flipped through the pages, carefully memorizing the technique’s intricate steps.

It was as he figured, Thunderfoot was a special technique, one that was quite uncommon. Based on the scriptures alone, once mastered, Thunderfoot would far outclass Lightfoot. However, the scriptures also mentioned that it would be time-consuming. Patience would be needed to fully master the technique. Not even Zephyr could completely harness it within a short time span. He had to memorize and comprehend each step intricately. ‘I must find the time to learn this!’ he thought.

Zephyr memorized the pages of Thunderfoot once more. Once he made sure there were no errors, he left. It was a great bounty! With this, Zephyr’s speed could become more legendary if he combined his electrical powers with Thunderfoot. Likewise, his battle power would also increase! He knew he had to train this, he had to be prepared!

Zephyr, once again entered a state of training. Once he memorized Thunderfoot, he trained day and night, increasing its power and speed! It was difficult to harness Thunderfoot, a fact which took Zephyr by surprise. If it were not for Zephyr’s natural attunement, it would have been far more challenging to fully learn this skill. However, Zephyr persevered!

In the forests behind Khan grounds, Zephyr sped through the trees with ease. There were little to no traces on his path. Each time he appeared, he vanished just as quickly as he did. With the help of his electrical powers, Zephyr’s Thunderfoot was even more agile and speedier than Lightfoot! Not only that, Zephyr had yet to master his lightning, he was just a novice in this field. Yet, this new technique speed had already surpassed Lightfoot by a large sum.

“I don’t have much time to waste! I need to be faster!” Zephyr suddenly muttered as he came to a stop. The day he had to leave for The Boundless Academy drew closer and closer. He knew he had to master a fraction of Thunderfoot by then. After all, there were other skilled masters at the Academy. In this world, the strongest ruled. Even if he was just an apprentice, no one would bat an eye towards him if he did not have the power to back his status.

After a short rest, Zephyr once again dashed into the forest, continuing his training.

After a few days, a great warship descended into the Starlight market. The Khan were already there to greet them. Among the Academy representatives was the Elder. “Good morning, Academy Elder!” Zephyr greeted respectfully. He had helped Zephyr before. If it were not for him, Aiden Lee would have dealt a successful blow. Now, Zephyr would learn of this Elder’s name — Vert Murray!

“Thank you. You’ve become an Academy apprentice, you needn’t be so pleasant. Based on our rituals, we are brothers-in-arms now,” Vert said with a smile that was reserved for Zephyr. “We’re ready, let’s go!” he continued. “I’m off then!” Zephyr said to Spout and the rest. He waved his hand at them, smiling gleefully. Though, his eyes were a bit damp as he knew it would be a while before he returned.

“Master!” the Khan cried out. They were reluctant to part with Zephyr. It was especially so for Leah, her face was full of tears. “Take care of yourself, Zephyr!” Spout said. He had not much to say either, what he said was enough. “Understood!” Zephyr replied. “Let us go!” Vert said with a smile. He had already seen many partings like this. It was just another in the millions. Once they boarded the ship, Zephyr bid his farewells once more. As the ship rose into the air, Zephyr could see the Khan look up at him, unwilling to part their eyes. They would miss him dearly.

He would miss them too.

Zephyr tried his best to suppress his feelings, to control his emotions. As a fighter, he must not let his emotions get the best of him. Vert noticed this, of course, silently commending the young man’s feats. For one to be able to control their emotions like that, was not easy. Zephyr Khan was just 16 years old, yet had a mastery over many things similar to his seniors.

“Murray, is there anything I should take note of before we enter The Boundless Academy?” Zephyr asked. The Boundless Academy was one of the five Greats, after all, a powerhouse in the world. Many skilled fighters resided there, Zephyr knew of this. He would not underestimate the honor of being there.

“Surprise surprise. I’ve brought home many apprentices, though you are the first to ask of this,” Murray replied happily. “Although your performance in the Tournament was great enough to become an initiate, you would still have to go through a few more trials first. The Academy is currently having their enrollments, you’d have to compete like the rest of them,” he continued. “Of course, no matter how you do, you’d still be an apprentice. We just want to see what you’ve got!” Murray finished.