Chapter 216
Zephyr was not the only one who took note of this. Apart from a few who still hesitated, many had already taken to the skies. Suddenly, a scream came. Someone had fallen off the metal wire, plunging deep into the pool. A truly frightening scene for the rest of the people around.

This was not a normal trial. Were one to fail, they would be greeted by death! After some of them realized how dire the situation was, they decided to retreat and back out. Zephyr did not care for these people. He continued his rush forward, taking off into the air. Zephyr was a nimble fellow, speeding along the metal wire. Before long, he had made it to the opposite end.

He could finally make out the mountain peak through the thick fog. The mountain peak looked like a roaring dragon. It gave off a powerful aura, so much so that the air around seemed to be shaking. It was evident that a strong fighter resided atop the peak. Zephyr could also feel that those who resided here were Agiles. There were no Strengths around.

“Who knew that so many people would pass the first trial!” a calm voice spoke slowly for everyone to hear. It came from a physically well-toned man, he was big and had a similar build to a small mountain. The items of clothing he wore were the same as the previous apprentice. He was the manager of the second trial.

Zephyr scanned the area and noticed many fighters had joined him. Some were even still making their way over. “Look! It’s Zephyr Khan!” a small voice came, the voice was picked up by Zephyr’s sharp senses. It came as he was observing his surroundings. Although the voice was soft, it was familiar to Zephyr, so he looked over to see who it was.

His gaze was met with a hateful one. It was Aiden Lee! As their eyes met, Zephyr’s expression turned sour. He had never expected to meet him here. The last time they met, Zephyr could clearly recall Aiden begging on his knees for mercy. He was saved by the two people, Shaun Lee, the Master of the Grand Masters, and Vert Murray, the Academy Elder. However, it was obvious Aiden had not learned from his mistakes, in fact, he carried an even more intense hatred towards Zephyr and it could be heard in his snide voice.

‘I need to take care of this guy,’ Zephyr thought. The only reason Aiden was here was because of the amount of points he had accumulated through the Tournament. Besides him was someone that was dressed in golden robes. He had an air of contempt as he glared at Zephyr. “You’re finally here, Zephyr!” another voice came. It was voiced from behind Zephyr when he was deep in thought. As he turned to meet the voice, he saw a man dressed in white. He looked so effeminate that one could have mistaken him for a woman.

It was Yang!

Zephyr flashed a smile. “You’re here early!” he said. “Yes, I arrived yesterday,” Yang replied, indifferent. “That b*stard’s out for you. Be careful,” Yang said, as he glanced over to Aiden. Yang disliked him too. “Who’s that next to him?” Zephyr asked, gesturing towards the golden-robed man.

The man looked to be in his twenties. He looked young, and his powers looked to be great. Many people around admired him with respect. “It’s the prince of Xenon, Ricky Shaffer! He’s a strong one!” Yang said. “Yeah, he looks like he is!” Zephyr replied as he nodded grimly. Ricky was an Agile of level three, for him to reach this stage at this age was no easy feat. From Aiden’s behavior, it seemed that he was colluding with Ricky. As Aiden was a prince of the Ahi Dynasty, he would naturally stick to other princes. This annoyed Zephyr, as that meant Aiden had no shame nor dignity for his kingdom.

“Alright, looks like everyone’s here!” the strong man said. Ten minutes passed, before the strong man slowly spoke again, “The fact that you’ve all passed the first trial, means that you were brave and strong!” He continued, “However, that was one of the easier trials. Let’s see if you can pass the next ones!” he said. Many frowned at his exclamation. Was the next trial going to be harder?

“Heh heh, I wonder if any of you have ever been pierced by 10,000 arrows? I doubt so. Not to worry, you’ll get to experience it now!” the strong man teased. “It isn’t easy getting into The Boundless Academy. You must be careful…” he continued. “Enough! Just tell us what we need to do!” someone interjected rudely. The interjector's rude statement quickly changed the strong man’s expression. He turned his gaze towards the voice.

It was the prince of Xenon, Ricky Shaffer. The strong man gave a look but did not say much after that. He could feel Ricky’s power almost matched his own. If given enough time, he would become a strong apprentice. Besides, the strong man knew he was just an apprentice, not an initiate. He would not dare go against the prince of Xenon. He could only stifle his anger.

“Over there is where you’ll find your next trial. If you can cross the path, you will pass the last trial!” the man said, pointing towards a direction. There lay a great pathway, one that slithered up and around the mountain for miles and miles. “It’s still not too late to back out now!” the strong man said, before taking his leave. It would seem Ricky had angered him a lot, he would not stay any longer.

Ricky Shaffer huffed. Then, he let out a small teasing chuckle before making his way towards the given direction.