Chapter 219
Ever since his battle with Shaun Lee, Zephyr’s battle power had gone through a lot. His spirit had likewise reached a five-starred state. This meant that Zephyr could now make higher-quality medicine. Medicines of this quality would be sure to attract attention from others. If the Academy knew Zephyr had this ability, they would immediately raise him to an adept, giving him a senior role.

Within Zephyr’s spirit realm, energy tossed and turned. The Spear within emanated rippling effects. Zephyr continued to comprehend this energy, slowly commanding and mastering it. The rune on his forehead grew even more mysterious as he carried on. He felt the three scales on him emit little streaks of lightning that floated up around him.

In this state, Zephyr could feel the connection between the rune markings on the Spear, and himself. He could feel the connection enhance his abilities the stronger it got. While Zephyr was busy meditating, Ricky had assembled a team.

Based on Ricky’s abilities alone, they easily swept through every room to their hearts' content. “Skygold Divine Pills? Aiden Lee, you lucky b*stard!” Ricky teased as he saw the pills in his hand. Feeling Ricky’s gaze, anger rose within Aiden. Skygold Divine Pills were not common. It was a three-starred medicine, a powerful one at that. For him to have found this treasure would mean his luck was good. He did not expect Ricky to want to take it from him.

Ricky was the strongest fighter in the Xenon Tournaments. He was a surefire initiate. Aiden knew of this, and was envious to no end. However, he could not show his true colors. Aiden could only muster an amicable demeanor for Ricky, “You like it? Here, you can have it!” Ricky laughed at his action. “Oh my, I do thank thee!” He happily accepted the pills.

Although Aiden laughed with him, the pain he felt in his heart was like no other. “This is all your fault, Zephyr Khan!” he cursed as he looked over to Zephyr’s room. If it were not for him, Aiden could have easily become an initiate. Ricky would not dare be so lax with him either.

“Since you’ve been so good to me, let me help you. You’ve been itching to teach that Khan boy a lesson right? Come on then!” Ricky pressed, noticing Aiden’s gaze. “Really? Oh, thank you!” Aiden replied ecstatically. Although it was a high price to pay for Zephyr’s suffering, Aiden would gladly pay that price.

“Zephyr’s mastered many strange techniques, his power’s wild, but he won’t be a match for me!” Ricky chuckled as he stared at Zephyr’s room. “Ricky please, he’s unpredictable, you mustn't underestimate him!” Aiden pleaded. He recalled how much trouble the Khan boy had been to Shaun Lee, the Master of the Grand Masters of all people. “Hmph, what should I be afraid of? He’s just a Strength of level nine!” Ricky scoffed.

Seeing Ricky’s recklessness, Aiden panicked. Zephyr’s battle with Shaun had not reached other kingdoms yet. Only those within the Dynasty knew of his feat. Ricky’s recklessness was warranted.

Within Zephyr’s room, Zephyr remained hovering above the ground, meditating. As he trained, a bubble of blue lightning flowed around and rejuvenated him. Zephyr’s energy had amalgamated with electricity and streaks of lightning. Each move he made could be now amplified with his electrical powers. If he wanted to, he could paralyze his foes. Under these circumstances, Zephyr could easily dispose of them.

‘Even without the Lightning Spear’s help, I bet I can now take on Agiles of level three!’ Zephyr thought, estimating his power. Although they were still on the outskirts of the Academy, Zephyr could feel the intensity of the primordial energy. It was far richer than normal. Zephyr continued his training, gathering his strength under The Way of The Dragon.