Chapter 220
As Zephyr reached his peak in his meditation, his body shook in anticipation. Soon, the energies flowed around his body and washed through his channels. He was improving, even his three scales felt the change, and it quickly adapted to the situation using its draconic Might. A sudden wave of realization and peace washed over him as his Spirit improved once more. The rune upon his forehead glowed with vicious energy and emanated a fine aura.

Although Zephyr’s eyes were closed, he felt as though he was one with the world. Suddenly, he could see past his room and towards the outside. He could perceive the energies and signatures of the plant life and the wild creatures… each streak of primordial energy was as clear as day to him. Zephyr’s Spirit was improving rapidly, with it, his Spirit rose higher and higher.

Finally, Zephyr found himself in a sea of stars; a galaxy. Meteors shot past in the dark space, carrying great auras of magnificence and awe. It came and went, brushing past Zephyr’s Spirit. Zephyr was now one with the heavens.

He sensed that all his techniques had improved. Beforehand, he always felt that his abilities were being bottlenecked, but now, it felt as though all of his channels were rapidly widening, any blockages that used to be there all quickly disappeared.

Thunderfoot! What was once a difficult technique to master was suddenly realized. Zephyr had finally mastered Thunderfoot. Zephyr had barely used the technique and yet he had fully mastered it.

Agility! Zephyr had finally broken through and achieved Agility! He could feel himself breaching the gates. It was a rare occasion. With just a bit more time, Zephyr could easily fully breakthrough to the Agility level. By then, the rise of his powers would no doubt be limitless. The path towards martial arts truly begins at the Agility level!

He just needs a little bit more time!

Zephyr pondered on the thought, though showed no frustration nor rush. He held this state closely. With a bit more time, he would definitely breakthrough.

Suddenly, a loud boom came as Zephyr’s door was kicked open. “Hey kid, this room belongs to me. If you know what’s good for you, you’d quickly hand out anything you’ve found! If you try and hide anything, I will cripple you!” a rough voice spoke. This sent Zephyr out of his trance, diminishing all his efforts.

The air around him was a mess as his energies were sent asunder. If it were not for his Spirit’s great strength, this obstruction could have killed him! Zephyr was angry! Downright furious! His face had been contorted in a bout of anger. He was just seconds away from successfully breaking through. He had not expected to be so rudely disturbed by this b*stard.

Zephyr’s eyes shot open as it glowed brightly with white electricity that sparked in his irises. Two beams of light then shot out from his eyes, full of rage. “Hmph, did you think you were safe, hiding in your little room?” Ricky said with glee. He laughed before provoking Zephyr further, “This brat must think he’s too weak to contend with the others. Look at him preferring to hide within his room! Too bad I found you, get out here right now!” His commands made his lackeys laugh with glee. They were not too shabby themselves, capable of competing with Aiden Lee. However, they were not good enough to be initiates, opting to follow Ricky in hopes he would protect them. Among them, only Aiden kept a wary expression.

He suddenly regretted coming into conflict with Zephyr Khan, especially when he kept getting reminded of his duel with Shaun Lee; he was an Agile of level five after all. How could Ricky fare against Zephyr?

Aiden became more and more panicked. “I wonder what he’s doing in there!” Ricky hollered. “Maybe he has some points!” he continued with a chuckle. He had harassed many people, yet found no points for himself. He was hopeful now, as the rarity of the points was a testament to their value.

“F*ck off!” Zephyr cried out, his voice rolled with electricity. Many fighters turned their gaze towards his direction. At the same time, a big burst of energy blew out from Zephyr's room. In an instant, a silhouette was sent flying out, violently crashing into the floor.

The man kept coughing up blood, sometimes even coughing up fleshy chunks. It was clear that he had been badly injured as he continued to moan in pain. Soon, he stopped moving and lay on the ground. Thereafter, Zephyr slowly walked out of the room, his expression was icy cold as he glared around. Everyone froze in their places.



That was what Zephyr was feeling. That was all he could feel. He was about to breakthrough before being rudely interrupted. How could he not be absolutely irritated and furious from this encounter?