Chapter 221
“What?” Ricky gasped when he witnessed Zephyr strike down one of his men in one easy swipe. That man was an Agile of level one, everyone was baffled as to how he could have been beaten so easily. “It’s over for him!” Aiden gasped as his body shook. His tone implied thoughts knowing that that man was a goner. Even an Agile of level five had trouble when they encountered Zephyr, much less an Agile of level one. Were Ricky to initiate an attack to come into blows with Zephyr, Aiden would greatly doubt Ricky’s success in it.

“You’re not too shabby!” Ricky was startled, though not too pestered. He coldly looked at Zephyr as he displayed a sense of pride all the while. “Is this your doing?” Zephyr asked angrily. “Indeed, I sent him. Who knew someone with a Strength of level nine such as yourself could harbor such power,” Ricky said. He stared at Zephyr for a moment before continuing on, “You ain’t too bad, if you were, that’ll be boring…”

Before Ricky could finish speaking, a blast of sound came from where Zephyr stood as dust kicked up around him. Thunderfoot!

Zephyr’s silhouette flashed like a bolt of lightning, as quick as he could be, it was violent and powerful. Then, he charged right towards Ricky. After Zephyr’s earlier mastery, his Thunderfoot technique was now usable. Ricky himself was no slouch too, but he had not expected Zephyr’s speed to be this quick. Before he could react, Zephyr had arrived before him.

“What the! Golden shield!” Ricky screamed as he conjured his technique. However, a loud crack came as Zephyr’s fist punctured the golden shield. Zephyr’s punch carried ounces of electrical energy. It was so strong that the fist thundered past the shield and onto Ricky’s body.

Ricky looked on in disbelief as the fist came crashing upon him, sending him flying away like a loose kite. “What?!” he screamed as he felt his whole body erupt in pain. In an instant, every fighter present stared at Zephyr in disbelief. They were no strangers to Ricky’s power, as they knew that he was an Agile of level three. They thought that no one could contend with him, yet there he was, sent flying after one Khan punch. Even some Academy apprentices gawked at Zephyr. Since when were Strengths of level nine so powerful?

“Oh he’s interesting!” a gasp came from the clouds above. “Hmph, it’s just an augment, nothing to be proud about. Besides, it was a surprise attack, nothing more,” another person huffed out, disappointed in their favored subject being mangled. “Loser!”

Zephyr did not pay any mind to the stares around him. He had gotten used to it by now. He could only stare coldly at Aiden Lee, who quaked with fear. Zephyr’s killing intent was on full display now. It was incredibly hard to reach that point of peace and solidarity for him. How could he not be angry? “No… it wasn’t me this time!” Aiden struggled and gasped, he trembled greatly as he cowered in fear. He could feel Zephyr’s gaze. This entire scene was amusing to behold for everyone.

Ricky got up in a blast of energy, sending the mud and grime away. “I’m p*ssed now!” he called out to Zephyr. He had not expected Zephyr to sneak an attack onto him like that, especially in front of everyone. It was an insult that humiliated him dearly.

Suddenly, Zephyr vanished into thin air. It would seem his Thunderfoot technique has gotten more and more powerful. “What speed!” the onlookers gasped. Ricky was wary, but not afraid. He quickly channeled his energy and assumed a battle stance. It would seem the two were about to engage in a dual!

Suddenly, a cold command was voiced over everyone. “Stop this at once!” The voice was loud and deafening, frightening everyone that heard it. It was enough to keep everyone at bay. Everyone instantly felt dazed, even Zephyr could not help but feel his eyesight go awry. Following that, a blast of energy washed over, it then separated Ricky and Zephyr. Although the energy looked to be gentle and calm, it felt horribly strong for the two of them. Not even Zephyr could hold out against it, he had to submit.

“Are you alright?” Yang asked as he rushed over, acknowledging the commotion that went on. Although he had a neutral expression, his eyes were filled with worry. “I’m fine!” Zephyr reassured. He then turned his gaze onto Ricky, who glared back at him. They were officially now enemies.

However, they chose not to make any further moves. The blast of energy was obviously from an Academy fighter. “How are you, Ricky?” Aiden asked meekly as he hurriedly ran over to Ricky’s side. “F*ck off!” Ricky exclaimed angrily, angered by Aiden’s arrival. To him, Aiden was the cause of his utter humiliation. Zephyr could not help but laugh at Aiden’s helpless look. He would not give any mercy to the prince.

“Free, aren’t we?”

Three people slowly appeared before them.