Chapter 222
The three who arrived were Academy apprentices, and they exuded terrible auras. They were at least Agiles of level four. Their presence intimidated everyone. Zephyr could feel something off about one of them. Although he was an Agile of level four, his powers were equal to that of Shaun Lee. If apprentices in this Academy could potentially contend with fighters like Shaun Lee, Zephyr wondered how truly powerful the Academy’s strongest were.

“Since you’ve all gotten your things, it's best to prepare for the final trial now! This trial will determine where you are placed in the Academy!” said the apprentice that Zephyr focused on, calmly. Perhaps he felt Zephyr’s attention, as he spoke, his expression changed somewhat, akin to shock, though he made no comment on it.

The peak they went to was tall. Under the guidance of the three, everyone soon found themselves at the peak of the mountain. To everyone’s surprise, a metal suspension bridge hung from the mountain peak. Zephyr and Yang said nothing as they looked out into the distance. Fortunately, they had good perception as they managed to see a group of people that stood far on the other side of the bridge.

“Go!” someone said. Though, no reply was returned. Ricky Shaffer carried a poker face that was locked on Zephyr. It was obvious that he was planning something. As they crossed the bridge, thick fog soon blanketed them after about ten minutes in the journey. Though, as they emerged from it, everyone was bewildered.

They found themselves in a wide area, with beams of light that shined about everywhere. Primordial energy surged here, more so than where they were before. Great mountains dotted the landscape around. Each took on a different shape, yet maintained a similar air of mysteriousness and power. There were many strange beasts and great palaces. Moreover, there were also mystical trees. All in all... this place looked otherworldly. One would need only take a deep breath to feel fully refreshed as they absorbed the energy around.

Zephyr could not believe his eyes, this was The Boundless Academy! They had finally entered Academy grounds. Similar to Zephyr, many had let out gasps and proclaimed their shock, some even screamed out their excitement. “Silence!” the apprentice who led them ordered everyone to calm down. “Cause more noise, and you’ll be thrown out of this compound!” he continued. With that, everyone’s mouths clamped shut, not a peep could be heard.

‘That’s?!’ Zephyr thought as his gaze fell upon a great, wide area. The area was huge, reaching a size of about 500 square feet. Above it, stood multiple silhouettes. Many strange markings and runes decorated the area, each glowed with a mystical field of light and energy. Each looked almost as if it was breathing and manifesting terrible powers.

“This field is your last trial!” an apprentice said calmly, though he had subtle tones of disappointment. “There are some who have already been tested on the field. They are your equals, though only ten out of the thousand people had made the cut!” he continued. “As for the rest, aside from those who have won the Inter-city Tournaments, I doubt many of you would not pass the final test either!” he finished, mercilessly. His statement had changed many fighter’s expressions.

Zephyr and Yang were equally as shocked. They had not expected that out of a thousand, only ten or so had made the cut. This was too competitive!

Suddenly a low hum vibrated throughout. It was accompanied by streams of light that floated around like shooting stars. Great stone monoliths were erected upon the field, surrounding it. Each monolith was different from the other. Some were great beasts, while others were human. They were all on display for everyone to see.

When stared at, a sudden wave of energy would burst forth from the monolith, encompassing whoever gazed at them. Zephyr could feel his spirit tremble as if it cried out within him. The monoliths’ terrible power made him feel uneasy. With a roar, Zephyr’s Might trembled, releasing streaks of draconic energy into his body to protect him. In an instant, Zephyr felt more rejuvenated and alert, though, he was now drenched in sweat.

‘What was that? What’s this spiritual power that those monoliths hold? Not even my spirit could withstand something like that!’ Zephyr thought, alarmed. If it were not for his strong spirit and Might, he would have been gravely wounded. “You are the last batch. Once the previous group gets done with their trials, it will be your turn. You may observe first!” an apprentice said calmly.

About a thousand people could be seen on the field. Each of them carried powerful auras, and most of them were Agiles. Some were equals to Ricky Shafer too. ‘Oh? She’s here too?’ Zephyr thought to himself when he looked at the sea of people, someone had caught his eye. The girl had blue hair and was barefoot. She was covered in streams of light and had a mystical air that surrounded her. From this far, she looked like an angel from the stars.

It was the girl Zephyr had met at the Inter-city Tournament, the Meteor Queen.