Chapter 224
“It’s your turn now!” the initiate said to another group.

“Oh my, she’s beautiful!”

“She’s not wearing any shoes though! Really makes me want to touch her feet!”

“She looks like a fairy!”

Chatter amongst one another came as the next batch went on ahead.

A girl with blue hair had made her way onto the field. She had attractive features which easily attracted every male’s attention. Even some initiates could not help but side eye her features.

“I will once again remind you all, the lights dictate how powerful you are, how powerful you will be, and how powerful you can be. If you’re too weak, even if you’re an Agile of level nine, you would still be disqualified!” an initiate said. “However, if you manage to conjure three streams of light, you will qualify for an apprenticeship. If you have eight, you can be an initiate! The most we’ve recorded is twelve!” he continued. “Good luck!” he finished.

As everyone sat down, the lights came about once more. Soon, more screams came as more fighters were sent flying. Zephyr frowned as he observed the field. This batch looked to be of better built. Only a few of them were instantly disqualified.

Suddenly, one of them shook violently as their body exploded into bright rays. “Woah, six rays! Wow!” Soon, another contestant came ablaze. “Eight streams! Good, you are an initiative now!” Soon, the whole field was filled with bright lights. Six, seven, and eight streams were commonplace. There was even one who had nine rays of light.

As the whole field erupted in light, Zephyr averted his gaze. A great cascade of light befell the field, shining from the sky. Its energy signatures were potent, thus, sending the sky into a quaking motion. It looked as though a God had descended from the heavens, and quickly pushed away the fighters.

Zephyr’s forehead rune reacted to it, implying his shock. At the source of the light, was a girl whose blue hair flowed in the air. She looked like a fairy. Suddenly, a silhouette sped over, the speed was incredible and had an impenetrable aura. This was not seen before. Soon, many more would join, about ten or so.

Seeing this, the Academy apprentices and initiates quickly gave respectful looks, bowing. “Elders! Welcome!” they cried out, greeting the Boundless Academy Elders. “Bear no mind to us, carry on with your trials!” said the only female among the elders. She was dressed in a long crimson robe and had strong features. It was hard to decipher her age from her looks. Although she was good-looking, she was still an Academy Elder, this implying that she was very, very strong. As she spoke, her eyes focused on the glowing girl, full of surprise and wonder.

“Her blood is strong, like nothing we’ve seen before!” an older one gasped. “Good!” another man nodded, he was dressed in a black robe. “Her energy is akin to a meteor shower! If I’m not wrong, she might be a descendant of those who possess the meteor blood. Her ancestors must be incredible! Who knew we’d get such a prodigal daughter!” the woman said smiling. “Lucia, are you perhaps interested in having her as an apprentice?” an elder asked, smiling.

“Of course! She is a female apprentice after all! Who else among the Academy is most fit to be her master?” the Elder named Lucia said, smiling. “Hmm…” the other elders muttered, unsure of how to reply. Female apprentices in the Academy were rare, to begin with, much less prodigal females like the future Meteor Queen. Of course, Elder Lucia would be so headstrong over her.

“What power! Once she becomes my apprentice, the Oriental Peak would no doubt prosper well!” Elder Lucia exclaimed. The other Elders sighed at the loss of such a prodigal daughter. “Let’s return, we mustn't let Sister Lucia get all the good ones!” an Elder said. Before he could finish, another burst of light came.

The Elders opted to remain, turning to face the field once more. As they looked on, their eyes filled with desire. On the field, a well-built man sat with his eyes closed, though he possessed a violent aura. ‘Him?’ Zephyr thought, shocked.

The man was well-built and big-sized. He was the prodigy from Brass. He had accumulated many points during the Inter-city Tournament.

“His blood is different too, having that of the beast. He is a strength-type fighter. Haha, brothers, he is mine to keep!” an elder said, laughing happily.